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Mathematics News Archive - March 2012

March 2012



18.08.1931 - 10.03.2012

The Department is very sorry to announce the death of Professor John G. Taylor (JGT) on 10th March. John Taylor was appointed to the established Chair in Applied Mathematics at King's College London in 1971. His research interests were wide, ranging over high energy physics, superstrings, quantum field theory and quantum gravity, neural computation, neural bases of behaviour and mathematical modelling in neurobiology. He was formidably energetic and remained actively engaged in research until his death.


DamianoBrigoNewDamiano Brigo chairs Industry Panel on Counterparty Risk

Professor Damiano Brigo, Gilbart Professor of Mathematical Finance, recently chaired an Industry Panel at the World Business Strategy Industry conference on Counterparty Risk. The event was held in London on 21 - 23 March 2012.

The panel focused on the recent challenges posed by counterparty risk to the industry, as well as the possible opportunities. Brigo challenged the panellists and the floor by raising questions on the misalignment between IAS accounting and capital requirements regulations in Basel III, especially concerning debit valuation adjustments and hedging, and questioning the modeling and methodological inconsistency currently affecting large part of the industry mathematical models. The question on whether mathematical models should be designed based on technology as opposed to the other way around was discussed. Benefits of consistent global valuation models were also highlighted, especially in connection with innovative and non-toxic restructuring strategies for counterparty risk.

More information about the conference can be found on the event website.

BenjaminDoyonBenjamin Doyon invited to speak at École de Physique des Houches

Dr Benjamin Doyon will be delivering a pedagogical seminar at "École de Physique des Houches" (the 2012 Les Houches Summer School on Strongly Interacting Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium). This is one of the best established and most widely known summer schools in physics, and has been held every year in Les Houches, Frances since 1951.

The Summer School sessions are aimed primarily towards advanced students and young postdoctoral researchers, willing to deepen their knowledge or to start in a new field. This allows a thorough pedagogical approach, up to the frontiers of modern research, and to cover all aspects of a given subject. This long duration also favours exchanges, discussions and working groups between participants. The lecture notes, including the contributions from seminar speakers, will be published in textbook format by Oxford University Press.

For further information, please see the summer school website

King's College LondonWorkshop on Maths of String and Gauge Theory

On 3 - 5 May 2012 over 70 researchers will gather at King's College London and City University London for a workshop titled "Maths of String and Gauge Theory". This workshop will explore recent advances in our understanding of the mathematics of string and gauge theory. These theories of elementary particles and quantum gravity exhibit many interconnections and use and inspire modern mathematics. The particular focus of this workshop will be on

 • Localisation, geometrical invariants and supersymmetric gauge theories.

 • The AdS/CFT correspondence.

 • Supersymmetric vacua and operators of gauge theories.

 • New integrable systems and strongly coupled gauge theories.

Over 15 eminent researchers, both mathematicians and theoretical physicists from leading Institutions in the UK, Europe, and North America will present their research at this workshop with ample time devoted to discussions and informal exchange of ideas.

The talks and discussions will be held on the 3rd and 5th at King's College London and on the 4th at City University London. The workshop has been jointly organized by Nadav Drukker (King's), Yang-Hui He (City),Dario Martelli (King's) and Bogdan Stefanski, jr. (City) and is funded through grants obtained from EPSRC (£20.000), London Mathematical Society (£5000), Institute of Physics (£1000), as well as by research funds from King's College and City University.

More information can be found on the workshop website 

King's College LondonKing’s Lecturers selected to speak at London Taught Course Centre

The LTCC is run by a consortium of universities in the London region and beyond. It offers a programme of one day a week advanced courses in mathematics and statistics for PhD research students in the region, as well as short intensive courses open to students from elsewhere in the UK and Europe.

Last academic year several lecturers from the Department of Mathematics at King’s College London were involved. Dr Giuseppe Tinagalia delivered an advanced course on Constant Mean Curvature, focusing on 3 classical characterisations of the round sphere: Hopf's Theorem, Alexandrov's Theorem and Barbosa-Do Carmo's Theorem. Professor Yuri Safarov also gave an advanced course on Distributions, Fourier Transforms and Microlocal Analysis, including coverage of the Schwartz spaces, definition of the Fourier transform and its basic properties and the Schwartz kernel theorem.

This academic year (2012 – 2013) Dr Benjamin Doyon will be delivering a 10 hour advanced lecture series on Integrability.




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