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Dr David Andersson PhD
Dr David Andersson

Dr David Andersson PhD

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  • Neuroscience

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My research is focused on how sensory neurons control pain and nociception. We are particularly interested in two areas that we are convinced will improve our understanding of acute and chronic pain:

1) We are unravelling the mechanisms responsible for chronic pain in fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and pain caused by the chemotherapeutic drug oxaliplatin.

2) We are exploring interactions between TRP ion channels and neuronal G-protein coupled receptors and we have demonstrated that these interactions can exert powerful influence over the activity of sensory neurons, thereby controlling pain.

In 2009, I was awarded the first KCL/London Law Trust Medal and fellowship (now the Professor Anthony Mellows Medal).

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail

Key publications:

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Key collaborators:

  • Professor Stuart Bevan, King's College London
  • Dr Andreas Goebel, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Camilla Svensson, Karolinska Institute
  • Dr Emanuele Sher, Eli Lilly