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In the Neuropsychology Research Theme we are exploring the impact of brain function on cognition and behaviour. This theme has significant clinical relevance. We apply knowledge gained from our research to the rehabilitation and treatment of neurological disorders. The theme fits funding priorities across UKRI councils and clusters in the areas of mental and neurological health, which are concerned with the treatment and management of psychological and behavioural consequences brain injury and illness.

We are a diverse group of researchers with expertise across a wide range of methodologies and cognitive domains.

Work across our theme includes:

  • Development of innovative technological tools to assess and understand cognitive, psychological and emotional regulation symptoms after stroke and head injury;
  • Creation of novel cognitive paradigms to investigate memory, executive functions and attention in ageing, in neurodegenerative disorders, and in other neurological conditions (e.g., motor neuron disease);
  • The use of neurostimulation and neuroimaging to uncover the brain regions and networks underlying cognition and emotion;
  • Evaluation and establishment of treatments for dissociative seizures, and other Functional Neurological Disorders.

Our research theme takes an integrated approach. We investigate the biological, psychological and social factors that underlie cognition and behaviour.