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Decolonising Language Teaching

Students standing at King's Language Centre

This project aims to engage staff and students in active research, training and reflective practice that deconstructs the content and pedagogy of teaching languages and culture.

We will do this by:

  • Organising staff development events on decolonising teacher training in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), including but not limited to deconstructing reading lists, resources, and teaching methodologies.
  • Setting up a decolonising mentoring scheme, both at the King’s Language Centre (King’s LC) and at the School of Education, Communication and Society (ECS) in the partner school placements.
  • Enabling students as co-researchers/co-creators to collect data, interview other students and work in partnership with teaching staff regarding content on the MFL curriculum across different languages.
  • Providing training and support in research methodologies, including art-based methodologies, which are democratic and egalitarian in their aims, objectives and practices.
  • Providing training in reflective practice to both students and staff, fostering a space to reflect upon one’s own positionality and one’s own lived experiences, guiding critical reflection that would lead to action, with the aim to change power dynamics.
Project status: Ongoing
The language of deterrence event

Principal Investigators



Funding Body: King's Race Equity & Inclusive Education Fund

Amount: £9,571

Period: October 2022 - July 2023