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Engaging with the communities we serve

An essential aspect of P&CER at King's, Patient and Public Involvement is ‘research being carried out “with” or “by” members of the public rather than “to”, “about” or “for” them.' (NIHR). In practice, this means involving those with lived experience (e.g. patients) as active contributors on a research project. This could be in an advisory capacity or embedded as a co-applicant/co-researcher. Patient involvement can be incorporated at any stage of the research cycle and for the most benefit, should be incorporated throughout.

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Significant mutual benefits

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For researchers, patient insights into what it is like to live with a particular condition, or their experiences of health services ensures that research is patient-centered, connects with their needs and priorities, and ultimately, has greater impact in the world. For patients and others with lived experience, involvement in research can allow them to develop new skills, confidence, supportive networks and insights while also maximising the benefit the research can have on them, and others like them. There is a range of support across King's to enable PPI/E activities, including local PPI/E Groups and funding. Get in touch with the groups to explore opportunities to present your research.

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