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Previous speakers


- Tsvetana Stoilova (UCL)

- Dr Fulye Argunhan (KCL)

- Dr Regis Joulia (UCL)

- Prof Thomas Michel (Harvard Med. School & Brigham Women’s Hospital, USA)

COVID-19 interruption

- Prof Manuel Mayr (KCL)

- Dr Saravana Ramasamy (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences)

- Dr Jennifer Harman (RVC)

- Dr Gabriela d’Amico (Cancer Research UK Barts Centre, QMUL)

- Prof Michael Duchen (UCL)

- Dr Emad Moeendarybary (UCL)

- Dr Helle Jorgensen (Univ. Cambridge)

- Rebecca Bolton (UCL)

- Prof Robin Choudhury (Univ. Oxford)

- Prof Anna Randi (Imperial)

- Alex Ainscough (Imperial)

- Dr Raphael Castellan (UCL)

- Etty Maguire (WHRI, QMUL)

- Prof John Greenwood (UCL)

- Dr Cristina Pérez-Ternero (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr. Pia Ostergaard (St. George’s Hospital, University of London)

- Kirsty Naylor (UCL)

- Prof. Michael Schneider (Imperial)

- Dr Alice White (Wellcome Collection, London)

- Dr Graeme Birdsey (Imperial)

- Prof Christiana Ruhrberg (UCL)

- Dr Caroline Pellet-Many (RVC)

- Dr Sarah Chapple (KCL)

- Yas Heidari (Biotechne)

- Bill Edwards (Curator Gordon Museum, KCL)

- Dr Shane Herbert (University of Manchester)

- Professor Christiana Ruhrberg (UCL)

- Reshma Baliga (QMUL)

- Professor Metin Avkiran (BHF Associate Medical Director – Research)

- Professor Andy Tinker (QMUL)

- Jane Lyle (University og Surrey)

- Victoria Kalna (Imperial)

- Dr Tamara Girbl (QMUL)

- James Brash (UCL)

- Professor Julia Gorelik (Imperial)

- Dr Shanie Budhram-Mahadeo (UCL)

- Dr Paul Armstrong (QMUL)

- Dr Virginia Tajadura-Ortega (King’s)

- Dr Claudio Raimondi (Imperial)

- Professor Amrita Ahluwalia (QMUL)

- Dr Francesca Ludwinski (King’s)

- Dr Aisah Aubdool (QMUL)

- Rikah Louie (UCL)

- Dr Emad Moeendarybary (UCL)

- Dr Helle Jorgensen (University of Cambridge)

- Rebecca Bolton (UCL)

- Professor Robin Choudhury (University of Oxford)

- Professor Maria Balda (UCL)

- Dr Suchita Nadkarni (QMUL)

- Dr Christopher Rhodes (Imperial)

- Professor Manuel Mayer (King's)

- Professor Susan Brain (King's)

- Dr Koval Smith (Imperial)

- Izaj Rahman (King's)

- Dr Vanessa Lowe (UCL)

- Dr Elizabeth Finding (RVC)

- Professor Federica Marelli-Berg (QMUL)

- Professor Aroon Hingorani (UCL)

- Dr Donald Lush (King's)

- Dr Daniel Glaser (Director, Science Gallery London)

- Professor Rob Krams (Imperial)

- Mathew Tata (UCL)

- Dr Isabel Oriss (RVC)

- Ashish Patidar (University of Hertfordshire)

- Professor Lan Zhao (Imperial)

- Dr Aisah Aubdool (King's)

- Dr Ines Pineda-Torra (UCL)

- Professor Mark Caulfield (QMUL)

- Dr Andy Reynolds (QMUL)

- Dr Alice Plein (UCL)

- Dr Salil Srivastava (KCL)

- Professor Rob Choudhury (University of Oxford)

- Dr Oliver Lyons (King's)

- Dr Tom Nightingale (QMUL)

- Dr Isabelle Salles (Imperial)

- Dr Caroline Pellet-Mary (UCL)

- Professor James Leiper (UCL)

- Dr Alexander Kapustin (King's)

- Dr Paul Frankel (UCL)

- Dr Dan Jones (QMUL)

- Dr Dev Churamani (Wellcome Trust)

- Dr Neil Dufton (National Heart & Lung, Imperial)

- Dr Tim Chico (University of Sheffield)

- Dr Claudio Raimondi (UCL)

- Dr Mathew Gage (Univ. Leeds/UCL)

- Dr Paul Taylor (King's)

- Dr Vahitha Abdul Salam (Imperial)

- Dr Ross Breckenridge (UCL)

- Dr Charlotte Lawson (RVC)

- Dr Nick Kirby (WHRI, QMUL & Imperial)

- Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard (Imperial)

- Dr Marwa Mahmoud (UCL)

- Dr Joseph Burgoyne (King's)

- Dr Jose Vicencio (UCL)

- Dr David Bishop-Bailey (RVC)

- Professor Jeremy Pearson (BHF)

- Professor Tim Spector (King's)

2013 Professor Mike Marber (King's)

- Dr Ian Evans (UCL)

- Dr Koralia Paschalaki (Imperial)

- Professor Tim Warner (QMUL)

- Professor Jane Mitchell (Imperial)

- Dr Manasi Nandi (King's)

- Professor Mervyn Singer (UCL)

- Dr Nimesh Patel (QMUL)

- Dr Sarah De Val (University of Oxford)

- Dr Jill Johnson (Imperial)

- Dr Yanhua Hu (King's)

- Professor John Greenwood (UCL)

- Professor Gregory Bix (University of Kentucky, USA)


- Professor Rene Botnar (King's)

- Dr Xiaomeng Wang (UCL)

- Dr Martina Lundberg (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Justin Mason (Imperial)

- Dr Simon Pitchford (King's)

- Dr Ines Pineda-Torra (UCL)

- Dr Abigail Woodfin (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Tim Williams FRS (Imperial)

- Professor Patricia Munroe (QMUL)

- Dr Joseph J Boyle (Imperial)

- Dr Juan Pablo Casas (UCL)

- Professor Harry Mellor (University of Bristol)

- Dr Lawrence Moon (King's)


- Professor Phil Eaton (King's)

- Dr Giordano Pula (RVC)

- Der Egle Solito (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Andrew Tinker (UCL)

- Dr Nancy Hogg (CRUK)

- Dr Julia Humphries (King's)

- Mariane Baker (QMUL)

- Professor Hening Walczak (Imperial)

- Professor Rachel Chambers (UCL)

- Dr Athina Meli (Imperial)

- Dr Richard Stark (Imperial)

- Professor Giovanni Mann (King's)

- Professor Paul Schumacker (Northwestern University, USA)


- Dr Luigi Gnudi (King's)

- Dr Sandrine Vessillier (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Graeme Birdsey (Imperial)

- Professor David Abraham (UCL)

- Professor Dorian Haskard (Imperial)

- Dr Markus Fruttiger (UCL) Dr Vikas Kapil (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Anne Ridley (King's)

- Professor Dorian Haskard (Imperial)

- Dr Vikas Kapil (WHRI, QMUL)

-Dr Markus Fruttiger (UCL)

- Professor Anne Ridley (King's)

- Dr Manuel Mayr (King's)

- Dr Claudia Monaco (Imperial)

- Dr Alex Fantin (UCL)

- Professor Mauro Perretti (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Rod Flower (WHRI, QMUL)


- Professor Salvador Moncada (UCL)

- Professor Anna Dominiczak (Glasgow)

- Dr Michael Schacter (Imperial)

- Professor Keith Channon (University of Oxford)

- Professor Aroon Hingorani (UCL)


- Dr Jonathan Copley (University of Southampton)

- Professor Dan Cutler (UCL)

- Dr Maddy Parsons (King's)

- Dr Johan Duchene (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Rob Kram (Imperial)

- Professor Michael Schneider (Imperial)

- Dr Adam Rodaway (King's)

- Dr Stavros Loukogeorgakis (UCL)

- Professor Bart Vanhaesebroeck (QMUL)

- Professor Kathleen Botham (RVC)

- Dr Reshma Baliga (UCL)

- Dr Nimish Patel (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Phil Moore (King's)

- Professor Sussan Nourshargh (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Susan Brain (King's)

- Professor David Lane (Imperial)

- Dr Steffan Petersen (University of Oxford)

- Professor Tim Warner (Dr Louise Harrington, Imperial)

- Dr Sarah Thomas (King's)

- Dr Mark Lythgoe (UCL)


- Professor Walter Kolch (Glasgow)

- Professor Ruth Muschel (University of Oxford)

- Dr Andy Reynolds (QMUL)

- Dr Jonathan Leslie (CRUK London Res. Institute)

- Dr Katrina Bicknell (University of Reading)

- Professor Ian Zachary (UCL)

- Professor Peter Weissberg (BHF)


- Professor John Greenwood (UCL)

- Dr Paul Evans (Imperial)

- Dr Richard Heads (King's)

- Dr Ewa Paleolog (Imperial)

- Dr Jonathan Hill (King's)

- Dr Anna Randi (Imperial)

-Dr Neil Roberts (St. George’s Hospital)

- Professor Sian Harding (Imperial)

- Dr Cathy Shanahan (University of Cambridge, current affiliation King's)

- Dr Patrick Turowski (UCL)

- Dr Alberto Smith (Kin'g)

- Professor Mark Caulfield (WHRI, QMUL)


- Professor John Martin (UCL)

- Dr Richard Siow (King's)

- Dr Marika Collin (WHRI, QMUL)

- Professor Andrew Newby (University of Bristol Heart Institute)

- Professor Martin Wilkins (Imperial)

- Dr Derek Gilroy (UCL)

- Dr Holger Gerhardt (CRUK London)

- Professor Jeremy Saklatvala (Imperial)

- Professor Rod Flower (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Alex Ivetic (UCL)

- Dr Mark Little (Imperial)

- Professor Adrian Thrasher (UCL)


- Professor Tim Williams (Imperial)

- Dr Simon Bailey (Royal Vet. College)

- Dr Adrian Saurin (CRUK London)

- Dr Charlotte Walters (King's)

- Professor Patrick Vallance (UCL)

- Dr Marcus Fruttiger (UCL)

- Dr Ron Jacob (King's)

- Professor Gus Born (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Ann Ridley (Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res., UCL)

- Dr Greg Knock (King's)

- Dr Dianne Cooper (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke (QMUL)


- Professor Keith Channon (University of Oxford)

- Dr Rakesh Chibber (King's)

- Dr Tom Carter (UCL)

- Dr Pankaj Sharma (Royal London Hospital)

- Professor Jeremy Pearson (King's)

- Dr Karl Matter (UCL)

- Dr Roberto Motterlini (Northwick Park Inst. Med. Res.)

- Dr Michael Shattock (King's)

- Professor Ajay Shah (King's)

- Dr Pete Adamson (UCL)

- Dr Gary Baxter (RVC)

- Professor Jane Mitchell (Imperial)


- Professor Y Chernajovsky (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Manuel Mayr (St. George’s Hospital Med. School, current affiliation King's)

- Dr Paul Fraser (King's)

- Dr Eva Paleolog (Imperial)

- Professor Dorian Haskard (Imperial)

- Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard (UCL)

- Dr Panos Kabouridis (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Kalwant Authi (King's)

- Professor Salvador Moncada (UCL)

- Dr David Bishop-Bailey (WHRI, QMUL)

- Dr Justin Mason (Imperial)

- Dr Caroline Wheeler-Jones (RVC)


List of LVBF speakers 2018

Dr Shane Herbert 

University of Manchester
Professor Christiana Ruhrberg  UCL
Reshma Baliga  QMUL
Professor Metin Avkiran  BHF Associate Medical Director – Research
Professor Andy Tinker  QMUL
Jane Lyle  University of Surrey
Victoria Kalna  Imperial

Dr Tamara Girbl 


James Brash  UCL
Professor Julia Gorelik  Imperial
Dr Shanie Budhram-Mahadeo  UCL
Dr Paul Armstrong  QMUL
Dr Virginia Tajadura-Ortega  King’s
Dr Claudio Raimondi   Imperial
Professor Amrita Ahluwalia  QMUL
Dr Francesca Ludwinski  King’s
Dr Aisah Aubdool  QMUL
Rikah Louie   UCL
Dr Emad Moeendarybary 


Dr Helle Jorgensen


University of Cambridge
Rebecca Bolton  UCL
Professor Robin Choudhury  University of Oxford



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