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The Vascular Theme, led by Professor Cathy Shanahan, focuses on functioning blood vessels - essential for tissue and overall health. 


We study arteries, microvessels and veins focusing on basic discovery science and translational medicine to identify new mechanisms of disease and novel treatments.

The vascular system becomes dysfunctional with ageing, metabolic disease, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Our team of basic scientists and clinicians work in a multidisciplinary environment to translate science from bench to bedside. We have expertise in smooth muscle and endothelial cell biology and our areas of focus include, the extracellular matrix, mechanobiology, vascular ageing, pulmonary hypertension, epigenetics, physiology, diabetes and microvascular function. Our translational work includes modelling and imaging of aortic flow and function, biomarker discovery and precision medicine aimed at developing new cellular based therapies for the treatment of vascular disease.

Professor Cathy Shanahan



Hosted in the James Black Centre, The ExoView R200 pulls together fluorescence imaging and single…