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8 Opportunities to Earn as you Learn

Ameera Vawda
Third-year English student

24 August 2021

Once you've settled into King's and adjusted to the new routine of lectures and seminars, you may be looking for opportunities to earn some money or extra experience for your CV.

In this post, I'll outline some of the paid opportunities available within King’s. You'll gain transferrable skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, networking, communication, leadership, confidence and so much more.

When you go for job interviews in the future, you may be asked competency questions to display your strengths in a specific area. Opportunities like the ones below will give you experience and real-life examples that you can refer to.

All these opportunities are paid at London Living Wage.

Student Ambassador

I'm sure that as a new student you would have met a Student Ambassador. They are the students who run campus tours, answer your questions related to King’s and courses, and who are there to assist you on open days, offer holder days and more. It’s also a great way to meet other students.

This is a great job because it is flexible and great for personal development. For me, being a Student Ambassador helped build my confidence in presenting and answering questions about my own experience.

Keep an eye on this page to see when applications open (usually sometime in September).

Widening Participation Ambassador

This is perfect if you are interested in inclusion and widening participation. The role itself entails similar tasks to a Student Ambassador but you will be working on projects and with organisations that seek to ensure that all students – including those from underrepresented backgrounds - have equal access to university.

Being a Widening Participation Ambassador has been a rewarding experience as I have felt like I can give something back to younger students and help them gain a better understanding of university.

Keep an eye on this page to see when applications open (usually sometime in September).

KCL Open Day 2018 Strand- ambassador
Becoming a Student Ambassador is flexible and great for personal development


Working within KCLSU means you’ll be working alongside other students, so it’s a great way to meet new people, especially in your first year. There are a range of roles such as working in the KCLSU cafes, restaurants, office spaces or the Union Shop.

The hours depend on the role you’re applying for but working for the KCLSU could be a great alternative to getting a part time job externally: you’ll be on campus so you won’t be too far from study spaces and libraries, and you can obtain a healthy study-work (and social!) balance.

Browse through the vacancies at KCLSU.


There are a range of internships available for undergraduates at King’s. The university has partnerships with lots of companies and you’ll find the internships advertised on CareerConnect . This is a fantastic way to learn more about a company and industry while gaining useful work experience.

Similarly, the university also runs internal internships over the summer where you can intern in one of the departments in the university, making an impact on your education and the experience of your peers! My experience of interning with the Student Success department has been so beneficial in my personal development and learning. I’ve felt like my views and opinions are taken seriously by the department and I have developed many transferrable skills such as communications, project develop, time management, networking and more. Also, I have worked on projects that impact my experience at university and that of my peers!

You may find an internship in the exact field you’re pursuing as a career. Or, if you’re unsure of what you’d like to do, you can apply to different ones, and you may stumble across a role that really interests you!

You can find internships on King’s CareerConnect - login with your King’s username and password, then select ‘internship’ in the preferences section.

Read more about the different internships that King’s offers.

King’s Student Money Mentors

This role allows you to help other students in managing their money in an efficient way. You’ll be helping students across the university to find great deals and save. This is another flexible job that will give you great experience and knowledge of money management, budgeting, and communication.

Follow the Money Mentors’ Instagram channel and keep an eye out for advertisements.

The Shack - Cafe
Working within KCLSU offers plenty of benefits

King’s Talent Bank (KTB)

By signing up to KTB, you can access a range of permanent and temporary roles. You’ll sometimes find ad-hoc shifts, for example a department may need help with a task for a short while. Again, this gives you great flexibility and allows you to gain workplace experience.

You will need to prove your right to work in the UK so the process can take some time, but it is worth it in the end!

Register for a King’s Talent Bank account.

King’s 100

King's 100 is a diverse group of just over 100 students, reflective of the King’s community, who co-create student experience projects and initiatives. This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard – and who better to share thoughts on these projects than a students like us?

Read more about King’s 100 and keep a lookout for 2021/2022 opportunities at the start of term.

Inclusive Education Student Partner (IESP)

This is an excellent development opportunity if you are passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. Being an IESP allows students to work with senior members of staff within their faculty to design research questions and lead focus groups on the experiences of Black and minority ethnic students. IESPS co-create action plans to make the faculty more inclusive while developing leadership skills through bespoke training, networking with staff and other students. You’ll be making a positive difference in your faculty and improving the student experience of those who are typically underrepresented.

Read more about IESP on this intranet page and keep a look out for when applications open.

I hope this post was useful, enjoy your Welcome Week and good luck with your applications!