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Three of King's Chaplains ;

Meet the Chaplains: for all students, of all faiths and none

Sapphire Francis
MSc Mental Health Studies

20 September 2023

In this article, Sapphire Francis, a postgraduate student from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), explores the role of the Chaplaincy at King's. She interviews three Chaplains and offers a student's perspective on the support they offer.

The Chaplaincy is available to support the whole King’s community, of all beliefs and backgrounds. They offer pastoral support and services and events for people of all faiths and none. The team represents a range of beliefs, recently welcoming three new Dharmic Chaplains, in addition to those from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith traditions. 

Revd Dr Jenny Morgans, Anglican Priest, Denmark Hill Chaplain

Are there any aspects of being a chaplain that people might find surprising or not commonly known?

'I love being a chaplain at Denmark Hill! I think that many students and staff at King’s don’t realise that the chaplaincy is available for everyone to access. Whether that is for a free drink from our coffee machines, a comfortable sofa to relax or work on, a Quiet Room to find some peace and stillness, or a confidential 1-to-1 with a chaplain about anything or everything. We are an inclusive and welcoming team: we won’t judge or tell you what to do or what to believe.'

What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done outside of your work as a chaplain?

'Probably travel around India for two months by myself after I graduated from my undergraduate degree. I did a bit of teaching English, but mainly I enjoyed travelling by train, seeing new places and meeting locals. My favourite things about the trip were the people, the food and the bright colours everywhere.'

Harrie Cedar, Jewish Chaplain

Are there any misconceptions about chaplains or your work that you'd like to clarify?

'The lack of realisation of the diversity of chaplains and their faith groups. Most faith groups share similar aims to advocate, speak up for and care for the poor, the dispossessed, the weak and the orphaned and chaplains are at the forefront of that work.'

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

'The ability to impart extreme empathy on people. If you hit someone, you would feel that hit. If you were cruel to someone you would feel that cruelty. If you were kind to someone, you would feel that kindness. I think this would stop the ‘othering’ of people you deemed lesser than yourself and the appalling treatment of the planet in general. We are all in the image of the Divine.'

Amandeep Kaur, Sikh Chaplain

Are there any misconceptions about chaplains or your work that you'd like to clarify?

'Probably that you need to be religious or subscribe to a particular faith to receive support. However, chaplains are available to all students and staff, of all faiths and none. Religious support is certainly available for those who seek it, however, chaplains also provide a non-judgmental and supportive space for anyone who needs it, even if you just want to say hello!'

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

'The power to heal hearts and minds. I believe life is mostly a beautiful experience, however, as someone who is sensitive, I sometimes find it challenging to see the extreme suffering in the world. Suffering in itself can be positive to a certain extent and lead to transformation, however, there are times where I wish that I could help to speed things up! I would probably use it as part of my everyday work with people and to heal our precious natural world.'


The Chaplaincy is a great place to meet other students outside your course. They even have free tea and cake once a week, on every campus! – Jasmine Lou

You’ve heard from the chaplains, what about students?

Sapphire interviewed Jasmine, a master's student from IoPPN, to explore how the Chaplains can support students. She also explains her own experience with the service.

Jasmine Lou, MSc Neuroscience

'I went to one of the IoPPN open days and met Jenny. She let me know about upcoming social events that were organised by the Chaplaincy. I attended a couple of off-campus activities such as a tour of Westminster Abbey and the Banstead Woods walk, which were very fun! It's easy to sign up for any of the Chaplaincy events and you can find upcoming events on their website.

I would often go to the Chaplaincy to recharge (with some tea!) if I had a long break between lectures. I've only engaged with this service on an informal basis, but it's a great way to meet other students outside of your course! The day trips are also fantastic for exploring different parts of London, or even visiting other places like Brighton and Canterbury.'

Sapphire Francis, MSc Mental Health Studies

'I’ve visited the Chaplaincy many times and even though I haven’t really spoken to the Chaplains at length, they have always been friendly. Studying on campus can be quite overwhelming during exam season, so I always really appreciated the Quiet Room at Denmark Hill and popping into the Chapel at the Strand if I needed to take a breather. I like that they provide resources to pray, meditate or practice some mindfulness, regardless of whether you’re a person of faith or not.'

How to get involved

Let the Chaplaincy be your home from home, whenever you need it.

To find out more about the services available at the Chaplaincy, check out their webpages. Remember there is a Chaplaincy at every campus.