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Two students pointing at the King's Student app ;

The King’s Student app in three acts

Sneha Ramanathan (she/her), Dharshini Ramani (she/her)
Shakespeare Studies MA, Banking and Finance MSc

22 January 2024

Hi everyone. I'm Sneha Ramanathan and I recently completed my MA in Shakespeare Studies student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Along with Dharshini Ramani, who’s just finished her MSc in Banking and Finance at King’s Business School, I’ve been interning with the Student Content Management Team at King's where I've been discovering more about the King’s Student app.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how we found it helpful during our studies and highlight some of the useful features you might not know about.

Act I: KEATS & other features

Why do you usually use the King’s Student app?

Dharshini Ramani: I use it to log-in to KEATS to read lecture materials on the go and King’s Talent Bank where I can apply for the part time jobs within King’s.

Sneha Ramanathan: I also use it for accessing Library Space Bookings and Timetables. The app also provides latest information and news such as train strikes through notifications.

Do you have any favourite features?

Sneha: I like the app’s organisation. On the top is the Student Records where you can access your module results, candidate number, personal tutor details and everything else. You can even generate a Confirmation of Study Letter to prove your student status for different purposes, from opening a bank account to getting Council Tax exemption.

Dharshini: I also like the 'What’s On' section in the Navigation panel because it keeps me informed about the campus events and the Groups and direct messaging features which enables students to create and join groups with the other students at King’s, facilitating community inclusion and building. My favourite is the 'Questions, tips, help & feedback' on the app group.

Two students talking about the app in front of Reggie's statue

Act II: Navigation pane and pages

Could you please list some other useful features within app?

Dharshini: There’s the 'Things To Do' section in the navigation pane where you can get notified about the activities across King’s. There’s also the 'Benefits' section in the navigation pane. King’s regularly posts about the benefits King’s students get like access to Active Wellness Schemes, Adobe Software and LinkedIn Learning.

Sneha: I even learnt about King’s move which allows you to exchange the points you earn for the number of steps you take for goodies. I think it’s the same for the ‘suggested pages’ which suggests pages of interest you can follow like Exams & Timetables, Careers & Employability, and even campuses like Guy’s Campus and Strand Campus so that you can keep up to date.

Two students standing on a giant chess board

Act III: Advice to new students

Where there any moments when you found the app to be helpful?

Sneha: On the day of my dissertation deadline, I was on the tube and wanted to check if I had submitted it properly. I didn’t have my laptop with me but remembered the King’s Student app where I could access the assessments at KEATS on the go. I used the app to review my dissertation and was so relieved.

Do you have advice to new students about the app?

Dharshini: Download the app for a hassle-free life at King’s. Follow the pages to know what's happening around you. It’s a wonderful university with students from a vast array of backgrounds and countries and there are lots of opportunities and events going on, plus lots of societies which you can be part of.

The app will make sure you don’t miss out on information and help you have a fun and joyful time at King’s.