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PhD Students

Mr Thomas Ainscough / PROFILE

Thesis: Randomised trial to test Contingency Management to support smoking cessation amongst persistent opiate-addicts in treatment, investigating initial effect and factors influencing persistence or breakdown.

SupervisorsProfessor Ann McNeill and Professor John Strang

Karen Bailey Ms Michelle Baxter Rosalind Blackwood Mr Ashley-John Brewer / PROFILE

Thesis: Nature and Clinical Significance of the Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome in Alcohol Dependence.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond and Professor Hilary Little

Mr Robert Calder

Thesis: Optimising technology enhanced learning to improve the understanding of evidence based practice and research findings among substance misuse staff in England.

Supervisors: Dr Kyle Dyer and Dr Jo Neale

Ms Zoe Davey

Thesis: Understanding new drug trends: Exploring the nature of mephedrone use.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond and Dr Paolo Deluca

Ms Thalia Escamilla De La Torre Ms Katie East Mr Brian Eastwood

Thesis: Effectiveness of Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: A national cohort follow-up study of change trajectories and recovery.

Supervisors: Professor John Marsden and Professor John Strang

Hesham Elarabi Ms Suzanne Ii / PROFILE

Thesis: An exploration of diet and nutrition among drug users who are receiving prescribing interventions for Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST).

Supervisors: Dr Joanne Neale and Dr Lisa Ryan (Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University).

Ms Andri Kyriacou / PROFILE

Thesis: Treatment of substance use disorders by residential rehabilitation: an investigation of recovery outcomes.

Supervisors: Professor John Marsden and Professor John Strang.

Stephanie Learmonth Kim McCall Ms Rebecca McDonald / PROFILE

Thesis: Effectiveness Of Non-Injectable Versus Injectable Naloxone For The Prevention Of Opioid Overdose Deaths.

Supervisors: Professor John Strang and Professor David Taylor
Joanna Milward Ana Morande Mr Thomas Phillips / PROFILE

Thesis: What is the burden of alcohol-related problems on Accident and
Emergency Departments (AED)? An epidemiological analysis of the prevalence of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) within the AED setting and the impact of clinical interventions in reducing this burden.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond and Professor Simon Coulton
Paulina Romani Lopez Ms Hannah Rose / PROFILE

Thesis: Adolescent drinking patterns: The impact of alcohol consumption on neuropsychological development.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond, Professor Simon Coulton and Professor Michael Lynskey

Ms Milana Smolkina

Thesis: Epidemiological and real time associations between cannabis use and major depressive disorder.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Lynskey and Dr Katherine Morley

Ms Basak Tas

Thesis: Acute heroin overdose: improving understanding through laboratory investigation.

Supervisors: Professor John Strang, Dr James Bell and Dr Caroline Jolley


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