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AKC lecture programme

You are entitled to follow the Associate of King's College course at the same time as you study for your degree. The AKC is unique to King's College London, and is the only course open to students from every department.

Semester 1 2019-20

A series of nine lectures coordinated by Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, King's College London.

Power to the People? Identity, Difference and Inequality

Human differences can be sources of inspiration and hope, but they all too often give rise to discrimination and despair. Whether the differences in question arise from sex, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity, it is difficult to untangle the personal from the political. How can we acknowledge our diversity in ways that don’t perpetuate injustice?  This AKC series will help you think through ethical issues of identity and inequality, approached via a wide range of research methods and perspectives.

30 Sept-4 Oct

Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, King's College London 

Identity, Authenticity, and Recognition

7-11 Oct

Syreeta Allen, Associate Director of Student Success at King's College London 

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: How to Build an Inclusive University

14-18 Oct

Dr Andrea Schatz, King's College London 

Identities and Communities in the Diaspora: The Case of "Religion"

21-25 Oct

Professor Robert Beckford, Canterbury Christ Church University 

Grime, Drill and Gospel: Speaking Truth to Power? 


4-8 Nov

Professor Funmi Olonisakin, King's College London 

The University Challenge: How to be International

11-15 Nov

Dr Marat Shterin, King's College London 

Religion and (In)Equality: Reformers, Utopians and Rebels

18-22 Nov

Sarah Guerra, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at King's College London 

Thinking Differently: Diversity and Innovation

25-29 Nov

Dr Shanon Shah, King's College London 

Identity and Justice-Seeking: The Experiences of Gay Muslims

2-6 Dec

Professor Jonathan Webber, Cardiff University 

The Existentialist Turn: Freedom and Conditioning in the works of Beauvoir and Fanon

Semester II 2019-20

A series of nine lectures coordinated by Dr Vittorio Montemaggi, King's College London.

Inside London: The Life-Story of a City in Nine Buildings

Cities bring people together, and London unites everyone who studies and works at King's College London. Over centuries our remarkable city has been inscribed with layers of human meaning, housed in palaces and tube stations, cathedrals and coffee shops. In London's buildings we can connect in multi-dimensional ways with the richness and challenges of human life and culture.  This AKC series will explore the meaning of London, and our place within it: through historical "tours" of nine very different buildings, we will reflect afresh on how religion, art, politics, trade and scholarship have evolved, helping to build one of the world’s most important and vibrant cities.

13-17 Jan

Dr Clare Carlisle, King's College London 

Starting Here: Excavating the Foundations of King’s

20-24 Jan 

Dr Daniel DeHanas, King's College London 

The East London Mosque: Building an Islamic Whitechapel

27-31 Jan

Professor Ben Quash & Dr Jennifer Sliwka, King's College London 

A Gift to the Nation: a Home for the National Gallery

3-7 Feb 

Dr George Legg, King's College London 

South Quay Plaza: Gentrification, Terrorism and London’s Multiculture

10-14 Feb 

Dr Vittorio Montemaggi & Dr Michelle Fletcher, King's College London

The Barbican: Architecture and Community


24-28 Feb 

Professor John Tresch, Warburg Institute

Warburg’s Library: Ark, Observatory, Laboratory

2-6 Mar 

Professor Kate Crosby, King's College London 

Twinings Tea Shop: How Buddhism and Tea Parted Company in their Journey to the West

9-13 Mar 

Dr Simon Werrett, University College London

32 Soho Square: A Centre for Global Science

16-20 Mar 

The Revd Dr Jamie Hawkey, Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey: Worship, Memory, Identity

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