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AKC Podcast

The AKC podcast is a free resource for all King’s staff and students, bringing together researchers from the College and beyond to consider theological, philosophical and ethical questions from a diverse range of perspectives.


  1. "Inside London: The Story of a City in Nine Artworks" curated by Professor Ben Quash

  2.  "Climate Change: What can we do?" curated by Professor Clare Carlisle


  1. "Spirituality and the Body: What Can Our Bodies Do?" curated by Professor Joan Taylor

  2. "Radical Religion: Rethinking 'Radicalisation" curated by Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas


  1. "The Life of the Mind: What is Mental Health?" 

  2.  "Voices in the Wilderness: Leadership in Troubled Times"

You can find the AKC podcast on SoundCloud or on iTunes/Apple Podcast


You can also find the AKC podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcast

Sample Lectures


Starting Here: Excavating the Foundations of King's.

This lecture is the first in the AKC Series Inside London: The Life-Story of a City in Nine Buildings. The lecture is given by Clare Carlisle, AKC Programme Director and Professor of Philosophy at King's College London.

AKC conversation: Sikh philosophy

Karen O'Brien-Kop and Professor Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair (University of Michigan).

The East London Mosque: Building an Islamic Whitechapel

Dr Daniel DeHanas discusses the history of Whitechapel and the East London Mosque.


Re-thinking 'Radicalisation'

This lecture is the first in the 2021/2 AKC Series Radical Religion: Re-Thinking ‘Radicalisation’. The lecture is given by Daniel DeHanas, Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Religion at King's College London.


AKC Conversations

Series convenor Dr Daniel DeHanas speaks to Dr Eka Ikpe, Director of the African Leadership Centre at King's and Reader in Development Economics in Africa, about political leadership in African nations post-COVID, the work of the African Leadership Centre (ALC), the space that this work creates at King's for the elevation of ideas from Africa and other nations in the global south, and her research on the role of political leadership in the development process. Dr Ikpe also reflects on her work as the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy Curriuculum Lead on the decolonising the curriculum project at King's.