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Volunteering pathway

Introducing the AKC Volunteering Pathway

Whether your passion is the environment, education or mental health, first year students can now complete the AKC by making a difference in your community, through King’s Volunteering. Students on the AKC Volunteering Pathway take part in the programme alongside all other AKC students; however, the hours you spend volunteering can help you achieve the AKC and become an Associate of King's when you graduate. 

How our Volunteering Pathway works

  • Sign up for King's Volunteering and discover an organisation or cause that suits you
  • Enrol on the AKC via Student Records from Friday 22 September
  • Complete a minimum of 12 volunteering hours in the 2023/4 academic year
  • Log your hours with King's Volunteering no later than 31 May 2024 (be sure to select “Associate of King’s College London” for the question regarding which programme or initiative these hours contribute to) 

Regulations and timescale

The AKC Programme is open to all students and staff at King's. The AKC runs alongside your degree programme and normally takes three years to complete. Undergraduate students, postgraduate research students, and staff members are expected to complete three years of the AKC course in order to qualify for the award (special arrangements pertain to various one and two-year programmes). The Volunteering Pathway is open to first year students and you will normally complete the AKC programme across three years.

In order to pass the 2023/4 academic year on the Volunteering Pathway, students must meet the minimum lecture attendance requirements for either Semester One ('Free Speech and Offence: Where Do You Draw the Line?') or Semester Two ('Self and World: Exploring Indian Philosophies').

Volunteering hours may be substituted for one Semester of the AKC programme only. Students need to meet the minimum lecture attendance requirements for the AKC programme across all three years of the AKC in order to qualify for election as an Associate of King's College when they graduate.

There is no fixed period when you must complete your volunteering hours providing these are completed and logged by 31 May 2024. You can choose to spread your hours across the academic year or to complete them in a concentrated period.

Dean’s Commendations

Exceptional commitment to community volunteering is rewarded with a Dean's Commendation. Students who complete 100 volunteering hours will receive a Dean's Commendation in recognition of their dedication to their chosen cause.

About King’s Volunteering

King’s Volunteering is your one-stop shop for discovering opportunities and building connections with people and organisations that are driving positive change in our local, national and international communities. We all have our reasons to volunteer, whether it’s advocating for a social issue, gaining new skills, improving our wellbeing or meeting new people. Whatever your motivation, King’s Volunteering can connect you with an organisation and a cause that's right for you. 

Enrol on the Volunteering Pathway

Please contact the AKC Office if you wish to participate in the AKC Volunteering Pathway and remember to complete and log your volunteering hours by 31 May 2024.

The Volunteering Pathway is open to all 1st year students.

Sign up to King’s Volunteering