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AKC Podcast

AKC Podcast

The AKC podcast is a free resource for all King’s staff and students, bringing together researchers from the College and beyond to consider theological, philosophical and ethical questions from a diverse range of perspectives.


1) "Inside London: The Story of a City in Nine Artworks" curated by Professor Ben Quash

Back by popular demand, this AKC series explores the city that connects everyone at King’s. Focusing on London’s sacred spaces and the artworks that shape them, lecturers will ask how art enlarges experience, creates communities, and opens our eyes to new dimensions of life in the heart of the busy city. Along the way we will discover what “sacred” means in different religious and cultural traditions. Curators, artists, community leaders and academics will share their expertise to lead a virtual tour through some of London’s most interesting sacred spaces.

2) "Climate Change: What can we do?" curated by Professor Clare Carlisle

In the 2020s we all know about climate change, and are constantly reminded about the uncertain threats posed to our planet’s future. But what should we do about it? How can we channel our fear and worry into positive change? This AKC series considers ethical and political responses to climate change from academic experts working in different disciplines – philosophy, geography, meteorology, theology, economics – and also from artists and activists who argue for a radical disruption of familiar paradigms. 


1) "Spirituality and the Body: What Can Our Bodies Do?" curated by Professor Joan Taylor

Following on from last year’s popular AKC series on mental health, ‘The Life of the Mind,’ this new series focuses on the body.  It explores the relationship between embodied life and spirituality – a concept that is notoriously difficult to pin down.  Experts on yoga, Buddhist meditation, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and indigenous spirituality will consider different aspects of embodiment – including food, sexuality, race, gender and body art – to examine how spirituality is grounded in the ubiquitous yet diverse human experience of inhabiting a body.

2) Radical Religion: Rethinking 'Radicalisation', curated by Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas

‘Radical’ means getting to the root of something, and is often used to signify fundamental social change.  Many radical thinkers and leaders are celebrated for their pioneering influence.  In contemporary culture, however, the concept of ‘radicalisation’ has shaped negative perceptions of religion, often connecting it with terrorism.  This AKC series explores the complex and contested terrain of radicalism and religion.  Experts will offer diverse – and sometimes conflicting – insights into the ethical and political questions of radical religion, considering the implications for our world of security risks and culture wars.


1) "The Life of the Mind: What is Mental Health?" 

We all agree that our mental health is important – but do we all agree on what mental health is? Different cultures offer different conceptions of the human mind, soul, or spirit, and different ideas about what it means to be healthy. This AKC series will explore contemporary western approaches to mental health alongside contrasting ideals of health from other times, regions and cultures. Experts from a range of disciplines will guide you to reflect on scientific, philosophical and ethical questions about the life of the human mind. 

2) "Voices in the Wilderness: Leadership in Troubled Times"

 Leading others can be challenging in any period. In our troubled times, the need for good leadership is heightened and the costs of bad leadership have multiplied. This AKC series finds its inspiration from the lonely itinerant figure of John the Baptist, described in Christian texts as a ‘voice in the wilderness’. Going beyond the Christian tradition, the series will include a range of voices – many of them speaking against the grain – on leadership in religion, politics, the arts, and public health. It will help you think about how to lead with boldness and integrity in our ‘wilderness’ of current  challenges, from gender disparities to Brexit divides, from pandemic to populism.


1) “Power to the People? Identity, Difference and Inequality”

This AKC lecture series was curated by Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, feminist philosopher and biographer of Simone de Beauvoir. It was designed to help you think through ethical issues of identity and inequality, approached via a wide range of research methods and perspectives.

2)  “Inside London: The Life-Story of a City in Nine Buildings”

This series explored the meaning of London, and our place within it: through historical "tours" of nine very different buildings, we reflected afresh on how religion, art, politics, trade and scholarship have evolved, helping to build one of the world’s most important and vibrant cities. It was co-ordinated by Dr Vittorio Montemaggi of the Department of Theology & Religious Studies.


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You can also find the AKC podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcast


AKC Podcast

AKC Podcast

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