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Divya Beniwal

Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis MSc, 2021. Diversity Mentee, 2020/2021.

Divya Beniwal

What does it mean for you to participate in the diversity mentoring programme?

The main reason for me to participate in the diversity programme was to get acquainted with someone from the UK and to learn from their experience of working in the field of HR. Being an international student the diversity mentorship programme was crucial in terms of learning the culture and having someone to guide you in the right direction and clear all kinds of doubts. In addition, the process was quite smooth and helpful at every step of the way.

What did you do personally to make the most out of this programme and above all, of your mentor’s help during these six months?

I made efforts to stay in touch with my mentor via email, calls and LinkedIn. We discussed different aspects and opportunities of HR. Her journey of being successful in her field was always very inspiring. In addition, we discussed interview questions and she even helped me prepare for my interviews. As per her guidance, I was able to explore and connect with different pages and communities in the field of HR.

Your biggest success (e.g., learning about job applications and different industries, getting an internship or new job, CV writing, etc.)

I think overall the programme was a big success. I was able to get a professional perspective of HR from someone I could relate to. It helped me understand key objectives and inspire towards the success of my career. Additionally, the assurance of having a constant support was mentally satisfying. I was provided with a perfect mentor fit and overall, it was a great experience.

What is the biggest advice you would give to future applicants/participants?

I would advise them to enrol in this programme and make the most out of it. Ask questions and not be afraid of being judged. There are some people and situations that teach you more than you ever anticipated. Taking the opportunity to participate in the programme would lead to positive outcomes in your personal and professional life.

What is the value for you of having an alumni connection?

I feel it gives you a sense of belonging to the community. One is able to relate and understand things a bit better because of common grounds. Moreover, I was able to learn from their experience and set for myself realistic goals in academic and professional life.