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Strategy & Leadership - 4 September

Strategic thinking is a crucial element in modern business and government, especially when applied to specific problems around leadership and potential crisis situations. Developing levels of strategy to deal with ever evolving challenges and implications is crucial in gaining an advantage in today’s business and political landscapes.

To learn more about strategy, leadership and digital marketing, sign up to one of the sessions at our Executive Open Day. Please follow the link and register for a session of your choice.


Session 1: Digital Marketing

Professor Ko De Ruyter

There is no shortage of digital marketing trend reports. Most are heavy on speculation but thin on evidence. In this session, we set out to explore 4 ¾ research-based trends that are poised to impact business practice: AR, GDPR, Hyper-personalization, Unstructured data analysis and Voice-controlled access. We discuss their strategic implications for the digital marketing space, while trying not to disturb its groove.

Session 2: The Role of Emotions in Leadership

Dr Alexandra Budjanovcanin

This session looks at how emotions, which often have negative connotations in organisations, can be used as a tool by leaders. I will focus on the underlying mechanisms of how emotions can be harnessed in the workplace and the strategies through which leaders can use these to enhance performance, effect change and manage stress at work.

Session 3: Strategy, leadership and negotiation in the Obama administration's campaign to counter WMD

Professor Wyn Bowen & Dr Matthew Moran

President Barack Obama came to power determined to address strategic challenges posed by the proliferation of WMD capabilities to state and non-state actors. This case study examines why and how the President and his administration sought to tackle specific WMD challenges from 2009-2017. It focuses on the different approaches brought to bear on problems including the threat of nuclear terrorism, the Iranian nuclear programme and the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The case study sheds light on the role of strategy, leadership and negotiation in addressing these strategic challenges'.

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Networking and buffet breakfast



Session 1: Digital Marketing, Prof. Ko De Ruyter

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Session 2: The Role of Emotions in Leadership, Dr Alexandra Budjanovcanin

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Session 3: Strategy, leadership and negotiation in the Obama administration's campaign to counter WMD, Prof. Wyn Bowen & Dr Matthew Moran

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Refreshments served. Information and King's Business School staff available to talk to participants. 



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Academic speakers

Ko De Ruyter is a Professor in Marketing. His research focuses on customer loyalty, marketing strategy, technology on the organizational frontline and social media.

Ali Budjanovcanin joined the HRM research group in 2011 after receiving her PhD from King’s College and now also works within the Organisation and Society research group. Her research interests are in professional careers, emotions in the workplace and gender. Specifically, Ali studies how individuals adjust both positively (vocational callings) and negatively (occupational regret) to their careers.

Wyn Bowen is the Head of School for the School of Security Studies at King's College London, comprising the Defence Studies Department (DSD) and the Department of War Studies.

Matthew Moran is Reader in International Security and Co-Director of the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) in the Department of War Studies.