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Student societies

We have an inclusive community. Joining any of the societies below will help you get more involved in life in and around King’s Business School.

180 Degrees Consulting  

180 Degrees Consulting at King’s College London aims to provide students with the opportunity to work on consulting projects that will have a real impact on non-profit organisations and social enterprises. As a member of 180DC, you will also get first-hand networking experience with consultants and executives from Big Four firms, as well as the chance to join case competitions and other consulting related events. Join the society to expand your consulting network and skillset. 

BAME in the City 

King's BAME in the City Society aims to bridge the gap between BAME (Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority) students and competitive industries like finance, consulting and law. Society events promote career opportunities, provide insight into specific divisions and the overall recruitment process with firm representatives, equipping members with key knowledge and commercial awareness to beat the unconscious bias and pursue their career aspirations in the most competitive graduate job sector 

Company Society  

King's College London Company Society aims to support students to gain insight into the work environment of companies across various industries through company visits, workshops and speaker events. The events range from Activities Insight Days where students are supported to gain insight and work experience in their dream company, to Speaker Events aimed to enhance students’ knowledge about real work life and Workshops that create opportunities to join a community of ambitious people from a variety of backgrounds and helping you succeed at university. 

Consulting & Finance Advisory Society 

Consulting & Finance Advisory Society is King’s College London’s only society fully dedicated to the consulting and advisory sector. Its mission is to serve as a platform for ambitious students to learn and develop the skills required to excel in the industry, while connecting them with leading companies.  

Cryptocurrency society 

A society based around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Its goal is to educate anyone from absolute beginner to experiences crypto traders on how to invest in cryptocurrency, how it works and how this technology can be used to change the world.  

Enactus KCL  

Enactus KCL is the King’s branch of the global Enactus movement. It uses enterprise to solve pressing local and international social and environmental issues, such as polluted air in Tanzania or refugee unemployment in London. The society works with stakeholders at King’s like the Entrepreneurship Institute, and corporate sponsors like EY, Google and Amazon to organise skills, networking and social events. 

Entrepreneurs Society  

King’s Entrepreneurs Society helps bridge the gap between imagination and reality with series of talks, workshops and conferences to give its members the tools and insights they need to launch a successful venture. And for those who are still working on their million-dollar idea, there's the opportunity to walk away with a dynamic skillset and a robust community that extends beyond the campus, a movement of innovation and creativity. 

Islamic Finance and Ethics Society 

The society follows in the footsteps of financial institutions and the government in discussing, and looking for ethical alternatives to the modern-day financial system. Islamic Finance and Ethics Society is a platform for leading professionals to come and talk to and build relationships with students who wish to learn more about ethical finance. 

KCL Finance and Investment Club 

The Financing Group organises financial skills workshops, seminars, and events, as well as career mentoring focused within financial services to give its members key knowledge and exposure in order to increase their understanding and employability. The Financing Group also advises, supports, and leads sponsorship and funding initiatives for other established societies at King’s College London with the goal of helping all societies attract and secure additional funding in order to promote growth and benefit the community. 

KCL Negotiation Society 

The aim of this society is to equip students with negotiation skills needed to succeed in the workplace through experience and continuous practice in a supportive and risk-free environment. The society organises a range of events from workshops, panel sessions with 

KCL Social Ventures 

The Social Ventures Society can be thought as a “social start-up incubator” that aims to create an environment where students can work on their social start-up ideas as groups, whilst getting business advice, guidance, resources, and contacts from mentors coming from successful social start-ups, as well as the group members. In KCL Social Ventures, each member has a chance to take an active role working on a specific social start-up idea and get connected to a team of like-minded students to create sustainable solutions. 

King's Banking & Finance Society  

King's Banking & Finance Society aims to educate the King's community about the various career paths within the world of banking and finance, thus increasing awareness and presence of the industry on campus. Our events promote career opportunities and provide insight into the industries and their respective recruitment processes, equipping members with key knowledge to pursue their career aspirations in the most competitive graduate job sector. 

King’s Connect 

This society connects students pursuing non-technology courses with students studying computer science/engineering to help them share ideas, network, and find potential business partners. King’s Connect educates students on resources and funding available from the University for their business ideas through competitions, and other available grants. The events hosted provide a chance for students to get in touch with start-up companies and other entrepreneurs, giving you the opportunity for internships and mentorship programs. 

King’s Global Markets  

King’s Global Markets is a community of students dedicated to the advanced study and application of global financial markets, economics and global business. 

The society conducts research spanning across a broad spectrum of academic as the application of business and managerial practices, as well as hosts events with leading institutions and figures to help shed light on their industries and how they operate which grants an opportunity for exposure to the investment banking, asset management and market consultancy industries.  

King's Hedge Fund Society  

King's Hedge Fund Society has the unique aim of bringing King’s students closer to the buy-side of finance through memorable events and insightful reports that foster commercial awareness and network-building with like-minded King’s students. Led by exceptional students with an enthusiasm for finance, the society hosts talks with exciting speakers from the industry, organises valuable networking sessions, and educate its members with reports and workshops. 

King's Impact Investing 

Impact investing encompasses investments made with the intention to generate positive social and environmental impacts while expecting a financial return. The society explores financial methods to tackle global challenges through collective research and discussion and aims to partner with impact investing organisations to gain practical insights and raise awareness about this burgeoning industry. 

King's MedTech Society 

The society is passionate about encouraging student engagement with medical technology as it plays an increasingly important role in the future of healthcare. It aims to create a space for students of various degree backgrounds to come together and find low- and high-tech solutions to the growing problems in healthcare and medical education, and try their hands in MedTech implementation and design.  

King's Real Estate & Property Society 

Founded in 2014, the King's Real Estate and Property society is one of the largest real estate student societies in the United Kingdom. The society aims to provide an accessible platform for students of all academic backgrounds to learn more about real estate topics, such as property development, commercial & residential real estate, fund management, architecture, engineering and much more. The three areas of priority of the KREPS are knowledge, careers, and networking, which is why it organises multiple industry-related discussions, competitions and trips all year long. Through these interactive sessions, students are better equipped to enter the property industry, and can meet like-minded friends and potential employers. 

Marketing Society  

King’s Marketing Society aims to bring together individuals with a zeal for the marketing and advertising sector. Through a number of events, talks, workshops, and socials, they allow KCL students to get their hands dirty and truly experience what is like to be a part of the tumultuous world of Marketing, Advertising, and PR. 

Women in Business and Finance Society  

KCL Women in Business and Finance Society aims to enhance the professional development of its members by maximizing their potential, allowing them to achieve success in the gender-disparate corporate world. The society provides a strong and supportive networking group, embracing women of all cultures and faculties, a safe space for members to foster valuable connections with one another. By partnering with top consulting firms, tech firms, and banks, the society created programs such as recruitment seminars, skills workshops, and industry visits designed to empower the women of King’s and help them achieve their biggest ambitions. 

King’s Business Club 

King's Business Club is London's largest business and finance society, with many awards and recognitions behind its belt. The Club’s flagship projects assist students in developing technical skills while gaining real-life experience with corporate clients to kickstart their careers, with a culture that encourages exciting ideas, professionalism, and dedication. 




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