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International Students

Support for International Students

Whether you want to stay in the UK, find a job or further study overseas or return home - we can help you explore the options.


We provide a range of support for international students throughout their studies, including our dedicated Global Careers pages and events. 


Over 10,000 international students study with us every year, and the experiences you gain during your time in the UK - volunteering, playing sport or getting involved in student societies, can help you to stand out in your applications and job search.

The following page provides answers to the questions we're most frequently asked, together with ideas of resources and links to external support and websites.

King's Careers & Employability is unable to provide advice on visa issues - contact the International Student Advice Team for up-to-date information and advice on your own situation.

Our services

What support do you offer international students?

Alongside our core services for all students, we offer dedicated support for international students in the form of access to international opportunities on our King's CareerConnect vacancy board and via GoinGlobal, a subscription service all students and recent alumni have access to.

Students can also access the King's Connect alumni mentoring programme and network with fellow alumni who are now working around the world.

Do you run events for international students?

All our events are delivered with a the global labour market in mind, however we do run a number of specific events for international students, such as:

  • Working in the UK: After Your Studies - a panel discussion featuring advice from experts on the options to work in the UK following your studies.
  • The International Careers Series - We run specific seminar series for our three largest cohorts of international students - China, USA and France.  These run across the autumn and spring terms enabling students to understand how to search for jobs in the UK and back at home.
    • China Careers Series - Restarts Autumn 2018
    • USA Careers Series - Restarts Autumn 2018
    • France Careers Series - Launches Autumn 2018 
  • The Global Careers Series - a series of panel events throughout the year focussing supporting non-nationals discover careers opportunities in key regions, including China, North America, the Middle East and South-East Asia.
  • Employer presentations - we host many presentations and virtual events hosting international employers seeking to hire our graduates.

Our dedicated Employer Engagement team are aways seeking new opportunities to engage with employers around the world.

Application advice

When do employers in the UK recruit?

The recruitment timeline in the UK might be different to what you're used to in your home country.

  • Most large graduate recruiters open applications for the following year between July and September.
  • Deadlines for these graduate roles usually close between October and December, with internship applications sometimes remaining open intil Janauary.
  • Other organisations won't even open applications until the spring.

We produce detailed brochures alongside the majority of our careers fairs which contain information on each organisation's deadlines and recruitment process.

Can you help with my application, CV or advice for interviews?
  • You can book an appointment to have your CV, cover letter or application reviewed by one of our Application Advisers or a practice interview with a Careers Consultant.
  • We are unable to help with specific English language and grammatical advice - please visit the English Language Centre for more information and support for non-native English speakers.
  • We encourage international students to think about the additional benefits you might bring to a prospective employer - for example language skills, cultural awareness and knowledge of global business practices.
Will employers understand my international qualifications?
  • Many employers, particularly large multinationals, will recognise your international qualifications and determine their own conversions.
  • The National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) can be a valuable resource for students needing to compare qualifications when making applications for employment.
  • For American students, the UK-US Fulbright Commission provides a useful conversion guide, though it should be noted no 'official' conversion exists.
Is there a list of organisations who can sponsor international students?
  • The UK Home Office keeps a list of all employers licensed to employ staff from overseas, however is not searchable, and included many organisations who are not graduate employers, so it should not be used as the sole basis for your search.
    • We advise students to use this carefully and refer to colleagues in the Visa & Compliance team for further information.
  • We ask organisations attending our careers fairs and hosting employer presentations, promotions and other activities on campus to inform us whether they are able to sponsor international students for the roles they are promoting.
    • This however does not always mean they are willing to sponsor international students - they only have the means if required, and may not be able to sponsor for every role.

 Working whilst studying

Can I work in the UK whilst studying at King's?
  • Due to the academic requirements of programmes, we do not recommend students seek more that 20 hours work per week during term time.
    • Master's students should note that the summer months when writing your dissertation can still count as academic term time.
  • Students from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals are usually able to work in the United Kingdom without restrictions.
  • Other students should refer to their individual visa for clarification on their ability to work alongside their studies.
    • During term time, a Tier 4 Student Visa usually permits individuals the right to work (paid or unpaid) up to 20 hours per week in the UK only.
    • Outside of term time this can differ, but students should seek clarification from the College's International Student Advice Team.
  • You need to register for your programme before you are able to commence work in the UK, as your employer will need to check your student status.
  • Until you have your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and registered at King's, it may not be possible to work in the UK.
  • NOTE: Students holding a Tier 4 Visa are unable to work self-employed, as a professional sports person/coach or entertainer or fill a permanent position unless you are holding a Tier 4 (Doctoral Extension Scheme) Visa.
Can I work outside the UK whilst studying at King's?
  • Due to the academic requirements of programmes, we do not recommend students seek employment outside of the UK during term time.
  • Students from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals are able to work across all member states without the requirement for a visa or work permit.
  • Other students should refer to their individual visa for clarification on their ability to work overseas in other locations alongside their studies.
    • A Tier 4 Student Visa provides only the right to work in the UK - if you are offered work in another country, you must ensure you have the correct immigration permission to work there.
    • Usually your employer will be able to assist with your visa and/or work permit and immigration status.
Do I need a National Insurance number?
  • Yes - before commencing work you'll need a National Insurance number in order to be registered to pay tax.
  • More information is available on the UKCISA website or, or you can call the information line on +44 (0)345 600 0643 (Mon-Fri, 08:00-18:00).

Working after your studies

Can you help me find a job in my own country after I graduate?

Whilst we won't find a specific job for you, we can provide you with the tools required to assist your search, including:

  • access to our King's CareerConnect vacancy board featuring a number of roles with UK and international employers.
  • access to GoinGlobal - an exclusive subscription service providing country profiles and specialist job listings (King's network access required).
  • our Global Careers pages featuring country profiles and information on searching for a job in various locations around the world.
What are the options to extend or change my visa to stay in the UK?

If you seek to stay in the UK upon completion of your programme there are a number of routes available, but many will require a suitable sponsor.

Visit the Working after your Studies page on the King's College London intranet for full details of all the options available to you including:

  • Tier 1: Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Tier 2: General
  • Tier 4: Postgraduate Doctors & Dentists in Training
  • Tier 4: Doctoral Extension Scheme
  • Tier 5: Youth Mobility Scheme
  • Tier 5: Government Authorised Exchange

AGCAS have put together a useful guide for employers on recruiting international graduates. It contains a myth-busting section debunking many of the common misconceptions, as well as a guide to the main schemes for employing international graduates.

It's worth familiarising yourself with this document, so you can have confidence when talking to employers. You may also find it useful to send to employers if they say they're unable to employ international graduates. 

What about the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa?
  • King's is able to support a number of students each year through the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa, allowing international graduates with world-class innovative ideas or entrepreneurial skills to extend their stay in the UK by being supported to establish their business under supervision of an academic institution.
  • King's Entrepreneurship Institute oversee the application process with successful applicants put forward to interview with UK Visas & Immigration.
  • Further information is available on our website or by contacting the Entrepreneurship Institute.

Further information and resources

What other support is there?
  • We work closely with our colleagues in the International Student Advice Team, King's Worldwide and the Global Mobility Office who can provide further information.

Please view the video below for an introduction to the International Student Advice Team:


Can you recommend any other resources?
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