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UK Functional Assessment Measure (UK FIM+FAM): Overview

The 18-item Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is a global measure of disability that is widely used internationally to measure outcomes from rehabilitation. However, its predominant focus is on motor function, providing scant coverage of cognition and communication, which are often the main factors that limit function following severe brain injury.

The UK Functional Assessment Measure (FAM) was designed to address this shortcoming.

  • It does not stand alone but adds 12 items to the FIM that primarily address cognitive and psychosocial function. 
  • Hence the acronym for the combined 30-item UK Function Assessment Measure is the ‘UK FIM+FAM’.

The tool translates by way of a validated computerised algorithm into the Barthel Index. 

This page provides an overview of FIM+FAM. Find out more about the toolkit by visiting our FIM+FAM more information page.


The UK FIM+FAM forms part of the mandated toolset within the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UK ROC) national clinical database for specialist rehabilitation since 2012. It is the primary outcome measure within the dataset and has been used to measure functional gains from neuro-rehabilitation.


Data is recorded on the UK ROC software which is written in Microsoft Excel.

The software produces automated outputs to assist clinical decision-making including:

  • Tables, with correct calculation of sub-scale scores and derivation of a Barthel Index.
  • Graphical displays including ‘FAM-splats’.


Licensing and use of FIM+FAM outside of the UK

Whilst the UK FIM+FAM tool was designed for use within UK Specialist Neurorehabilitation Settings, it has also been used in other settings in the UK. 

Other countries have shown interest in translating the UK FIM+FAM for local use.

Those wishing to do this should consider whether licensing restrictions apply in their own country.

  • The FAM items do not have any restrictions in terms of license, translation, or use.
  • From version 5 onwards, the FIM™ is restricted by license with Uniform Data Systems in the US.
  • In the UK, FIM v 4 can be used as part of the UK FIM+FAM within the UK ROC registry, but permission to use this outside of the UK cannot be granted by UK ROC.

Contact us

For further information or copies of the UK FIM+FAM or UK ROC Guide and Software, please contact:

+44(0) 20 8869 5161