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Beatriz Vasques
Objects & acts of resilience




My balcony has been my safe space ever since the sun made an appearance, a few weeks ago. Having a tiny outside space has been extremely important for my mental health and, although small, — I cherish it wholeheartedly. This is where I read, listen to music and podcasts, imagine I’m at a beach and make an attempt at getting a resemblance of a tan – I have failed miserably on the latter.



Certainly not an object, but I believe Ares deserves an honourable mention. Adopted in early October, Ares is turning 1 in 4 days and has already lived through a worldwide pandemic – quite impressive! I am really grateful to have a pet who I can share my quarantined life with.



Rupaul’s Drag Race

It is fairly easy to get overwhelmed with the excess of information that is currently thrown at us on a daily. As an avid consumer of news, I found myself feeling quite drained and decided to try a ‘digital media detox’ in order to recharge. During this time I started watching Rupaul’s Drag Race new season. I am not sure what is is about drag queen shows and escapism, but I have been binging the show at speed!  I have also been finding comfort in baking shows and documentaries on various subjects.




I’ve always been known as the ‘plant killer’ amongst my friends— my bad. But, alas, this time my plants are thriving and growing healthily. This may not last long but I am quite proud of the way they currently look!