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Claire Bull
Ode to Coronavirus

This dreaded Coronavirus

Throughout the world has spread

Started back in China

Sadly many people dead


Epidemics we hear about

Tend not to happen to us

This pandemic is global

And we need to make a fuss


It starts with a persistent cough

Then your temperature will rise

Stay away from others

This comes as no surprise


It’s five weeks now since Lockdown

With fighting in the aisles

Wondering what day it is

Loo paper bought in piles


With plenty of food upon the shelves

Flour and yeast cannot be found

Why are we all queuing..?

There’s plenty to go around!


We seem to like our pasta

Tinned tomatoes - where are they?

Baked beans, eggs and hand gel

Any amount prepared to pay!


Not supposed to leave the house

Unless we wear a mask

Today the sun is shining

Nice to have a bask


Always keep two metres apart

The queues look long and sinister

Wear gloves and scarf and don’t look up

So says our Prime Minister


Charles and Camilla caught it

The Queen spoke to the Nation

Our PM’s in intensive care

This is no vacation!


Mother’s Day was very odd

Now Easter’s on its way

As much as we want to visit

At home we all must stay


No masses in St Peter’s Square

The Pope from his kitchen will pray

No funerals, no weddings

We have to stay away


No school for the kiddies

For some quite a delight

But staying home inside all day

Could turn into a fight!


We feel so very sorry

All exams now put on hold

No driving lessons taken

No ‘You’ve passed’ to be told


No throwing of those mortar boards

Up high into the air

Graduations cancelled

All are in despair


No spas, no gyms, no offices

No bars, hotels or pubs

Buildings stopped half - finished  

No moving house, no clubs


No shows, no flights or cruises

No travel near or far 

Holidays are cancelled

Do not drive your car


Visiting your ‘holiday’ home

The locals all in fear

“Stay away, go back home

Don’t bring your virus here”


No Garden Centres open

To while away the time

No browsing in the High Street

This now becomes a crime


No football, darts or tennis

All sport is now on hold

Our hair will grow, our roots will show

We’ll just need to be bold


Stay in your back garden

They are closing down the park

Walk only when you need to

Not even after dark


Self-isolate the cry goes up

Stay home, do not go out

Keep away from friends and loved ones

This rule we must not flout


Social distancing - who knew

Just what this term would mean?

Cannot wash our hands too much

So important to keep clean


Those neighbours whom we never see

Make sure they are ok

They may be elderly and frail

A call could make their day


We miss each other oh so much

For the NHS we clap

Keep in touch via FaceTime

And of course that WhatsApp app!


Most of us must stay at home

Many others in the front line

We thank them for the risks they take

And for giving up their time


Hospitals are over-flowing

Your doctor can’t be seen

Give a call, book a slot

Consultations now on screen


The post is still delivered

Goods being dropped at the gate

Bins still being emptied

‘Bus drivers never late


Newspapers being printed

Delivered by a few

Police on streets and beaches

Hospitals built as new


No audience at ‘Question Time’

Or ‘Have I got News for You’

Even Graham Norton

Has no one to take a pew!


Ant and Dec are all alone

With just a camera crew

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ set to return

But no live finals due!


Although the jokes come thick and fast

This is no laughing matter

But keep our sense of humour -

‘phone friends and have a natter


Some things this virus cannot stop

The trees and shrubs in bloom

Birdsong louder than ever

The end cannot come too soon


And when all this is over

How we’ll shout and cheer

Put our arms around each other

And live to see another year