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Emel Yorganci



After months of planning, my friends and I visited South Africa in March 2020. I didn’t know this would be my last holiday for a while...I arrived in London on Sunday, 22nd March and the lockdown was announced on Monday 23rdMarch. I was relieved to be back ‘home’.

I didn’t know at the beginning of March that this would be the last time for a while that I’d be going into the office or see my colleagues, not to mention my family, friends or groups of people who are not afraid of each other. First few weeks, all this lockdown business felt a bit like a play. I chose to have a routine which included healthy meals and regular exercise, coupled with arts and entertainment in addition to working full-time from home. Lockdown chose to include COVID-19-related worrying, struggling with the new routine and vivid dreams. I was happy that I can carry on with my research from home. I’ve simply ticked the ‘COVID-19 did not impact my work’ box.

Then, the reality started sinking in. I was born and raised in Cyprus, where my family currently lives. I had tickets to go ‘home’ in May. Those flights got cancelled. I am used to video calling my family and friends but the option of going to Cyprus whenever I want to, was never taken away from me.

It’s June now. I’m redefining what home entails. I’m adapting and living well but I miss some people a lot. 

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