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Esther Lie
Objects & acts of resilience


What are my symbols of resilience, during this pandemic?





I live and breathe cycling - so when my neighbour began a photography project documenting life in lockdown, I knew Bob had to be in the shot! Every day I’m grateful for this scrap of metal keeping me sane. Virtual meetings from the saddle have been my major force of resilience due to overwhelming ⏰. Talking & riding can increase my concentration and overall perspective. Shouldn’t Boris should roll out free bikes as we gradually emerge out of lockdown? Credit Catarina Heeckt.


Acts of resilience - love. I’m aware of how cheesy it is contribute a photo of your partner, but to be totally honest, Benji wins the perfect lockdown partner award. Deadly nighttime farts aside, he supports me during wobbles, beats the sh*t out the knots in my back (from being hunched over a laptop 24/7), and provides a steady source of laughs. Plus! We limit our arguments to less than 1 per day - largely as if you storm out the house you’ve already wasted your one trip outside .


Perpetual spinach As a ‘cut and come again’ vegetable, it’s like a magic money tree… but with leaves. I’m a total novice to my veg patch, but their strong, recurring leaves remind us that opportunity for careful regrowth lies ahead. This pandemic is shifting, and I’m hopeful that we’ll emerge out of this acting in solidarity, with new ways to sustainably rebuild our lives together. PS. It’s actually a chard.

Esther5RUNNING.To feel rooted and connected to my surroundings and SQUEEZE OUT ALL OF THE TOXIC DIGITAL JUICE BURNING MY BRAIN!!! My Dad weaned me on long-distance running when I was kid, but in my 20s I stopped for a decade. Now after a run, everything in life has a new quality.


As lockdown hit, we were told to go home and focus on our own, and immediate family’s wellbeing. Gradually over the first 2 weeks I compiled a ‘box of joy’ for my sister, containing fresh flowers, hand made science activities for the kids, letters and baked goods, and cuttings from my veg patch. The virus spreads, but joy sweeps further ❤️