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Jou-Hua Yu
The Taste of Subtle Ease Admist the Chaos of a Scrambling World

Just as the world was drowned in pouring excitement and delight for the coming of a new decade, who would have imagined that in the year of 2020 a single virus could bring havoc all over the world.

Like a nightmarish dream that everyone is desperate to wake up from, these dreadful infections are sweeping across the world with deadly rapidity.

Catastrophically, there seems to be no ending to this crisis.

Taiwan skyscape at night
Taipei City, Taiwan by Tom Ritson on Unsplash

Admist the chaos around the world, there stood an inconspicuous, small island situated just 130 kilometres from China. Being one of the fastest countries to respond when theoutbreak first hit in February, the Taiwanese government displayed aggressive measures to protect the nation by establishing a command centre of epidemic controland enforced entry restrictions. As a citizen of Taiwan, I’m impressed to see cities across the nation paced in the rate of normalcy.

Looking at the neon lights and horning automobiles piercing across the gleaming nightsky, the Taipei city is itself a portrayal of colours and lights. It’s such a breathtaking view, one unique snapshot that belongs to Taiwan.

busy taiwan streets with neon lights at night
Raohe Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent waves of devastation all around the world. How many innocent lives have beenlost? How deeply hurt are thosethat fell as victims? I can’t even start to imagine.

They happened incredibly fast that it makes me wonder,in awe and fear, of how vulnerable our livesare. As for now, I’m simply grateful to be in a nation that knows the priorities.