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Laila Faridoon
From a caterpillar to a butterfly




A painting that I did to encourage all to keep pursuing their lives as planned, despite the difficulties with the lockdown.

With the lockdown that is going around the world, I would like to remind you to stay calm and be positive, your state of mind would really help you to go through this and avoid stressing yourself and people around you. 

Honestly, I won’t just tell you stay positive all the time, its great if you can, however if you can’t its normal, don’t stress yourself out and just let it pass. Remember, you can’t control what’s going around, but you can control how you react to it.  

I personally believe that this is a temporarily situation and there is a great message for every person on this earth, a message from god, a message from the universe… directly to you.  

My message is to remember my main purpose in this life and act upon it, which is to keep creating, spreading knowledge and guiding others. It happened that I had to put some plans off the track, but now, with this reminder, I will resume my plans and proceed forward in that direction.  

I encourage you all to find out that one message for you, could be that its time you take a break from work, could be its time for you to bond with your family, or start a hobby that you were delaying forever, or simply to know your main purpose in life! Be alert and act upon it. Trust yourself and trust the creator. Turn the fear into Love. Butterfly_Laila Faridoon