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Saran Green
Untitled Poem


How many of us,
How many of us when the clock struck twelve 
Jubilantly swore,
Hand on heart,
‘2020 is going to be my year!’?
Propelling that positive affirmation out into the atmosphere.

Time for change!
I’m going to be stronger,
New flat,
New attitude!
New virus?
Each day,
Each week,
Each month
from that COVID-19 Update,
Our resolutions dissipate.
Weight gain from weekly batches of baked boredom
What’s your poison?
Lazing around the house in pyjamas because you’re too afraid to go out.
Outdoors -
where a stranger stalks,
Where no one walks…
My mask hides my anxiety,
And the dissolution of fleeting dreams,
Pinging emails, tormenting ringtones, and wailing ambulances
Create a cacophony
But is anyone listening?
Listening to the updates,
The ongoing racial debates,
The cries of the grieving,
The sighs of the suffering,
The bellies of the starving,
As some of us travel to exotic lands,
Via recipe books,
Stopping for cups of tea and a cheeky biscuit, biscuits,
From room to room,
From Zoom to Zoom.
Going no where
This too shall pass…©

Photo 1_Working from home_SG_Saran Green
This is one of my favourite photos taken during the pandemic. It depicts my current place of work, the sofa, where I settle down to respond to emails and attend to Patient and Public Involvement matters with a cup of tea and a few cheeky biscuits.

Photo 2_Food Instagram of Saran Green_SG_Saran Green

One activity that has provided me with fulfilment during lockdown has been cooking and baking. This photo from my #foodstagram showcases just some of the culinary treats I have made during lockdown.