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Dr Victor Negri
Lockdown Stories


This podcast was first published as part of the Stem Cells @ Lunch Podcast and shared here with the authors permission as a submission to #KingsReflectingTogether

 “Take care of yourself, but also be aware of others who are more vulnerable than you”

For this episode of SC@L digested, CSCRM public engagement officer Jessica Sells chatted with Victor Negri, A Post Doc in Fiona Watt’s lab, about his experience of lockdown.

We've been exploring the impact that lockdown is having on our researchers by asking them to share their experiences. All of our staff are in unique positions, meaning lockdown is affecting their personal and work lives dramatically differently.

For Victor the pandemic has been quite scary, as he has to take daily immunosuppressants for a health condition. He tells us how this has made him feel, and also his thoughts on how this situation will hopefully make the public take science more seriously...