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Through a Wall

The Through a wall project will see the creation of a new collection that will take physical residence in an overtly public space. It is an ongoing collaboration between Dr Craig Larkin, Lecturer in Comparative Politics of the Middle East and artist Alinah Azadeh.

The project attempts to break down the barriers that can divide communities who are dealing with conflict, both physical and socio-political object to understanding, to see beyond the wall and engage with each other. The collaborators ask the public to go beyond their comfort zones, to climb into the skin of a stranger and uncover a co-created archive of material from across the world.


The project is currently undergoing a research and development phase to create an audio app that relates community stories. This will lead to a large-scale 'Wall' installation; embedded with a collection of texts and objects created through direct work with community groups.

The project arose from the Belief and conflict in the UK salon series that took place October - November 2014 and January 2015. The three evening events drew together artists, academics, activists and commentators to consider the role of art in exploring the relationship between belief and conflict in the UK.

Through the wall was one of four projects to gain seed funding following this, and went on to secure an Arts Council England grant in January 2016. A prototype is expected in September 2016. 

The Belief and Conflict in the UK was a collaboration between King's and 3FF (Three Faith Forum).  It was supported by the university's Culture team.

Project team

Dr Craig Larkin, Department of Middle East & Mediterranean Studies

Craig Larkin is a lecturer in Comparative Politics of the Middle East at Department of Middle East and Mediterranean Studies, King’s College London. His research interests include cultural power and resistance and urban violence and divided societies. Recent publications include' Speaking in the Silence: Youthful Negotiations of Beirut's Post-War Spaces and Memories'.

Alinah Azadeh, artist

Alinah Azadeh is a British-Iranian interdisciplinary artist who has worked in a variety of mediums, particularly textiles, digital and performance related art. Much of her work involves the general public. In early 2016 she took Through the Wall to the Brighton-based artists group Blast Theory as a resident. 

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