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Inside Art and Science

New for the 2020-2021 academic year, Inside Art and Science is a four-part introductory micro-course available exclusively to students at King’s College London. This new extracurricular programme will explore what happens when the worlds of art and science collide, drawing upon the unique experience, expertise, and content from Science Gallery London.


This micro-course will provide you with a taste of Science Gallery London's ethos, while also introducing key 21st-century employability skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Across four sessions each of these skills will be explored, why they are important to develop and nurture and how they can benefit you beyond university life. You will discover Science Gallery London’s rich portfolio of previous exhibition seasons, artist collaborations and essential research around the fundamental and complex relationship between art and science whilst also getting creative and challenge your imagination.

Those who complete the four-part micro-course will be invited to a special follow-on event at Science Gallery London in the new year and will have it recorded on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Methods of teaching:
Session 0 - Welcome and Introduction

This session gives you an overview of the course, an introduction to Science Gallery London, the wider Science Gallery International network and introduces the key 21st-century skills to be explored.

Session 1 – Creativity

Creativity is something that’s intangible and hard to define. It seems to blossom out of thin air yet difficult to find when we need it most. In this session, we explore creativity, what we mean by creativity and ask you to consider how creativity can be a useful tool in your studies and professional career.

Session 2 – Collaboration

The world we live in is becoming more and more connected, so the way we work should be the same. Being able to collaborate and work effectively with others is a crucial skill in almost all workplaces, yet combing ideas and various viewpoints can be a challenge. This session will explore various forms of art-science collaborations undertaken at Science Gallery London and the benefits and challenges of such collaborations.

Session 3 - Communication

This session we will be exploring communication as a vital skill used in all walks of life. It may seem like a skill that comes naturally to some people, but like anything, it is something you can improve on through practice. We will examine various communication skills and how the staff at Science Gallery London implement them to convey complex ideas about art and science.







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