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Creative Health



It is well known that an active, healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can enhance wellbeing, but how many of us are looking after our creative health?

How the arts can support your wellbeing

This video shows how simple creative activities can have benefits for personal wellbeing.


Here are some of the ways arts and creative activities can enhance health and wellbeing:

  • The arts involve hearing, seeing, touching and moving so they activate a wide range of brain areas.[1]
  • Learning a musical instrument can enhance brain plasticity and enlarge certain brain areas too [2]
  • The arts can improve cognition and memory [3]
  • Singing can enhance lung function [4]
  • Dance can lead to lower heart rate and better oxygen uptake [5]
  • Listening to music can reduce blood pressure and stress hormones [6]
  • Dance can increase bone mineral density and support balance and gait [7]
  • Arts engagement can reduce levels of perceived pain [8]
  • Engaging with culture can reduce depression and enhance wellbeing [9]
  • Arts can enhance feelings of mastery, self-belief and self esteem [10]
  • Engaging with the arts can reduce loneliness and increase social support [11]
  • The arts can foster group cohesion and social identity [12]
  • Arts can enhance social resilience [13].



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