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Graduates of the MA Film Studies have studied the history, theory, and analysis of cinema and related media at an advanced level, with a high degree of self-reflexive thought and practice. This applies also to their examination of film and media industries and the practices that underpin them, their aesthetics, style, and techniques, ther economics, politics, and sociology. Because of this, our MA graduates are adept at the analysis and interpretation of moving images in a world in which moving images shape our everyday lives and exert a powerful influence. Our graduates understand the societies that produce, and have produced moving images, their origins and their effects, whether entertaining or educating their audience. Our graduates examine the history, politics, and economics of film and media industries, the creative and professional environments in which films and media are made, and the systems through which they are distributed and shown to the public. Our graduates are trained in written and oral argumentation, audio-visual presentation, and, in some cases, creative practice in digital video and sound. They are also trained to think critically about the histories, theories, and analyses they encounter, questioning established knowledge and methods. This is most evident in the substantial dissertation they complete, which is an extended piece of research and writing on a specialist topic, sometimes including creative audiovisual work as well.

Because of this, our graduates are suited to successful careers in a variety of fields including film and media production, distribution, and exhibition; arts and cultural management; public relations and advertising; research and consulting; journalism; education; civil service and government.

Every year, a significant proportion of our MA graduates go on to further study at PhD level, often continuing at King's and in our own department.