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Career paths

Graduates of the BA Film Studies are well-versed in the history, theory, and analysis of cinema and related media, the industries and practices that underpin them, their aesthetics, style, and techniques, ther economics, politics, and sociology. This means that our graduates are adept at the analysis and interpretation of moving images in a world in which moving images shape our everyday lives and exert a powerful influence. Our graduates understand the societies that produce, and have produced moving images, their origins and their effects, whether entertaining or educating their audience. Our graduates examine the history, politics, and economics of film and media industries, the creative and professional environments in which films and media are made, and the systems through which they are distributed and shown to the public. Our graduates are also trained in written and oral argumentation, audio-visual presentation, and, in some cases, creative practice in digital video and sound.

Because of this, our graduates are suited to successful careers in a variety of fields including film and media production, distribution, and exhibition; arts and cultural management; public relations and advertising; journalism; education; civil service and government.

Every year, a significant proportion of our BA graduates go on to further study at Master's level, often continuing at King's and in our own department. 


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Please attend one of our open days or contact us for specific examples of career paths our graduates have followed.

Linda C. Riedmann - Producer’s Assistant at Color Force - The Creator of The Wind Fone

I wholeheartedly loved my Film Studies degree because it completely reshaped my way of thinking by pushing me to critically question and examine the world we live in, its constructs and systems via the medium of film. In the process, I learned not just about this unique and powerful art form, but also about philosophy, literature, politics, history, sociology, anthropology, technology and many other disciplines and their intersection on a global scale. I followed up my degree with an MFA in Producing from UCLA and have since been making my own content (THE WIND PHONE – short film) and working at entertainment companies in Los Angeles that have a devotion to advancing the art form while fostering diversity and inclusion. These include Fox Searchlight, Participant, and my current employer, Color Force. Having the comprehensive knowledge of film history that King's taught me has been an invaluable asset working for these prestigious companies at which a large part of my job consists of identifying promising new material for adaptation and original production.




Bianca Di Marco - student at the Graduate Film Program NYU-Tisch School of the Arts and freelance Filmmaker

When I graduated with a BA in Film Studies in 2015, I jumped straight into an internship in television commercial production. Studying films from different corners of the world helped me communicate with international directors, and taught me how to overcome budgetary problems by reshaping visual language. Finding good stories and learning how to tell them is the tricky part. And the great thing about Film Studies at King’s is that you spend three years studying, watching and absorbing some of the best films in cinema history. You see different ways of constructing narrative through story, editing, framing, performance - all enormously important elements needed to write a script and then go out and direct it!





Joe Ursell - Curation Manager, Into Film

Studying Film at Kings for my MA exposed me to a diversity of film culture I had never experienced and made me think seriously about choosing film as a potential career path for the first time. I chose Kings because of the extremely high calibre of lecturers. My time at Kings was always intellectually demanding but also hugely inclusive. Rather than drearily trudging through the canon, independent thought was placed front and centre of our course. As well as the academic rigour, the social aspect of the course was equally beneficial, many people I met during my studies have gone on to become friends and colleagues in my professional life, working in various areas of the industry around the country.