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What is DNA testing?

Most cells in the body contain DNA; the ones we use for our tests are taken from the lining of the mouth or from blood. Everyone inherits their DNA in equal proportions from their mother and their father.

When testing for paternity it is best to examine DNA from both parents so that we can see which parts come from the mother, and therefore determine which parts must come from the father.

In order to meet the required standard of proof for paternity and other relationship tests we use multiple DNA markers. We use a minimum of 22 markers to build up a picture of an individual’s DNA by seeking out repeated patterns in different areas of the DNA strands.This enables us to assess the likelihood of a particular relationship. All samples are tested twice.

How long does it take?

We require no pre-registration payment. Just call for your appointment or sampling kit and pay online or when you give your sample. We will also accept a deposit to start the process. Tests take around ten working days once you have given your sample. You will receive your results by post. All adult parties are entitled to copies of the report.