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King’s Forensics® Mass Spectrometry Services

King’s Forensics-Mass Spectrometry Services

The King's Forensics® Mass Spectrometry Service (KF-MSS) is an analytical group based within the Department of Analytical, Environmental & Forensic Science (AEFS), Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine in the Franklin-Wilkins Building. The facility was set up in order to encourage and support the use of Mass Spectrometry in bioanalysis research. A wide range of Mass Spectrometers are available to support mainly (but not limited to) analysis on small molecules.
Mass spectrometry is one of the most sensitive analytical techniques currently available. Detection can be achieved using full-scan mass spectra and for more sensitive work selective-ion monitoring (SIM). Excellent sensitivity is possible with selective-reaction monitoring (SRM), which also enables additional selectivity compared with SIM operation, and MS/MS analyses provide additional structural information.

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King's Forensics® Mass Spectrometry Service

For more details about our service, and to book services please contact us directly.

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