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Why King’s needs you

Mental health. Gender equality. Cancer. Conflict. When you think about the pressing issues our society faces, it might feel like the solutions are far in the future. But, as the world faces a post, or, indeed para Covid-19 world, we’re seeing it’s possible to find solutions to global challenges in a matter of weeks and months.

Shaping the future for the next generation of change-makers

At King’s, we have the passion and commitment to make the world a better place and education and research have always been at the heart of transformation. By nurturing critical thinkers and unique partnerships we can tackle the biggest challenges facing our planet.

Like Rosalind Franklin whose ground-breaking Photo 51, transformed our view of life and medicine forever by uncovering the structure of DNA. Or James Clerk Maxwell, whose work paved the way for radio, television and mobile phones. 

Our determined staff and students are striving for a better tomorrow, committed to creating a real and tangible difference in the world and answering vital questions. If you aren’t yet a part of our donor community, we invite you to take the first step. Every contribution helps us serve the world's most pressing needs now and for generations to come.

Our donor community is made up of nearly 220,000 alumni, supporters and friends of the university, who collectively make an enormous difference to life-changing projects every year.


But why does a public university need private support?

Philanthropic support provides vital funds to enable King’s to invest in new ground-breaking research, improve social mobility by widening access to degree study, helping bright students to change their lives forever. Through it, we are also building world class facilities, enabling us to provide the best learning environments and care to our communities.

King’s Vision 2029 sets out our ambition to make the world a better place, making a significant and lasting contribution through world-leading education, research and service to society. But we can’t do it without support from people like you.