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Teaching facilities at the Greenwood Theatre

The Greenwood Theatre has state of the art teaching facilities, which were upgraded in 2016.


The lectern has the following equipment for you to use:

  • Dell All-In-One PC running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365
  • Wolfvision Visualiser
  • 2x Sennheiser lapel radio microphones
  • 2x Sennheiser hand held radio microphones
  • 'Magic Presenter' virtual laser pointer/slide advancer
  • VGA/HDMI/audio feed to plug in your own laptop

All audio visual and room lighting is controlled from the Crestron touch panel which can be found on the lectern. If the display is blank, just touch it and it will 'wake up'. From here you can choose what input source you want displayed on the projector, volume and room lighting levels.

Echo 360 Lecture Capture

The theatre is equipped with an Echo 360 Lecture Capture device. The device will capture video, audio and the presentation which is converted into a variety of web-friendly audio and video formats. This includes a web link (URL) that can be accessed anywhere online to view the lecture. 

Video Conferencing

The theatre has state-of-the-art Cisco video conferencing facilities, which can be used to connect to multiple remote sites, or for point to point conferences. 

Upper Foyer / Overflow Area

There is an overflow seating area in the upper foyer with a projector and sound feed from the main auditorium.

Air Conditioning

We have a fully automated air conditioning system in the theatre which automatically adjusts depending on the number of people it detects in the venue

Technical specification

The following is a guide the the technical specification of the theatre.  

We cannot guarantee that ALL equipment listed in the specification is available and working. Please check with us if there is anything critical (for example, if all units of a particular lantern are required) and checks can be made on their status. Whilst we try our utmost to keep this specification as up-to-date as possible, it is subject to change without prior notice. 

Technical Specifications of the Greenwood Theatre