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Pierre Guermonprez


PierreReader in Immunobiology

Laboratory of Phagocyte Immunobiology

In addition to research activities Pierre Guermonprez is involved in teaching as co-organizer of the module Cellular Interactions in the Immune System for the Msc Immunology and member of the Msc Immunology Exam Board. Pierre Guermonprez delivers lectures on mononuclear phagocytes in Immunology Msc, Medical Immunology Msc and Infection and Immunity BSc.

Tel: +44 207 848 6907



Selected publications:

  • Cross-Presentation of Cell-Associated Antigens by MHC Class I in Dendritic Cell Subsets.Gutiérrez-Martínez E, Planès R, Anselmi G, Reynolds M, Menezes S, Adiko AC, Saveanu L, Guermonprez P. Front Immunol. 2015 Jul 17;6:363.
  • Intracellular Transport Routes for MHC I and Their Relevance for Antigen Cross-Presentation.Adiko AC, Babdor J, Gutiérrez-Martínez E, Guermonprez P, Saveanu L.Front Immunol. 2015 Jul 2;6:335.
  • An improved flow cytometry assay to monitor phagosome acidification.Colas C, Menezes S, Gutiérrez-Martínez E, Péan CB, Dionne MS, Guermonprez P.J Immunol Methods. 2014 Oct;412:1-13.
  • Intestinal monocytes and macrophages are required for T cell polarization in response to Citrobacter rodentium.Schreiber HA, Loschko J, Karssemeijer RA, Escolano A, Meredith MM, Mucida D, Guermonprez P*, Nussenzweig MC*. * equal contributionJ Exp Med. 2013 Sep 23;210(10):2025-39. doi: 10.1084/jem.20130903. Epub 2013 Sep 16.
  • Inflammatory Flt3l is essential to mobilize dendritic cells and for T cell responses during Plasmodium infection.Guermonprez P,* Helft J, Claser C, Deroubaix S, Karanje H, Gazumyan A, Darasse-Jèze G, Telerman SB, Breton G, Schreiber HA, Frias-Staheli N, Billerbeck E, Dorner M, Rice CM, Ploss A, Klein F, Swiecki M, Colonna M, Kamphorst AO, Meredith M, Niec R, Takacs C, Mikhail F, Hari A, Bosque D, Eisenreich T, Merad M, Shi Y, Ginhoux F, Rénia L, Urban BC, Nussenzweig MC. *corresponding authorNat Med. 2013 Jun;19(6):730-8.
  • Expression of the zinc finger transcription factor zDC (Zbtb46, Btbd4) defines the classical dendritic cell lineage.Meredith MM, Liu K, Darrasse-Jeze G, Kamphorst AO, Schreiber HA, Guermonprez P, Idoyaga J, Cheong C, Yao KH, Niec RE,Nussenzweig MC.J Exp Med. 2012 Jun 4;209(6):1153-65.
  • In vivo analysis of dendritic cell development and homeostasis.Liu K, Victora GD, Schwickert TA, Guermonprez P, Meredith MM, Yao K, Chu FF, Randolph GJ, Rudensky AY, Nussenzweig M.Science. 2009 Apr 17;324(5925):392-7.
  • A role for lipid bodies in the cross-presentation of phagocytosed antigens by MHC class I in dendritic cells.Bougnères L, Helft J, Tiwari S, Vargas P, Chang BH, Chan L, Campisi L, Lauvau G, Hugues S, Kumar P, Kamphorst AO, Dumenil AM, Nussenzweig M, MacMicking JD, Amigorena S,Guermonprez P.Immunity. 2009 Aug 21;31(2):232-44.
  • ER-phagosome fusion defines an MHC class I cross-presentation compartment in dendritic cells.Guermonprez P, Saveanu L, Kleijmeer M, Davoust J, Van Endert P, Amigorena S.Nature. 2003 Sep 25;425(6956):397-402.
  • The adenylate cyclase toxin of Bordetella pertussis binds to target cells via the alpha(M)beta(2) integrin (CD11b/CD18).Guermonprez P, Khelef N, Blouin E, Rieu P, Ricciardi-Castagnoli P, Guiso N, Ladant D, Leclerc C.J Exp Med. 2001 May 7;193(9):1035-44.




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