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School leadership



Professor Michael Malim, FRS, Head of School

Michael Malim is a Professor of Infectious Diseases. He is a virologist who employs laboratory- and cohort-based methods to study the biological principles that underpin HIV infection, its control and the disease it causes - AIDS. Professor Malim is credited as being responsible for making one of the most important discoveries in HIV research. He identified a human enzyme that HIV must overcome in order to survive in the body. That was the proof that HIV has to actively defend itself, a concept that could lead to new therapies.He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2007.

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Professor Stuart Neil, Head of Department, Infectious Diseases

Stuart Neil is a Professor of Virology. His research interests include HIV cell biology and immunology, antiviral restriction and Ebola. 

He is a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow and was appointed Professor of Virology in 2015.

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Stuart Neil 



Professor Leonie Taams, Head of Department, Inflammation Biology

Leonie Taams is a Professor of Immune Regulation & Inflammation. Her lab investigates the initiation, perpetuation and regulation of the immune response in humans, during health and inflammation. Leonie is the Director for the Centre for Inflammation Biology & Cancer Immunology. In addition to her research and educational activities, Leonie holds several other roles including Editor-in-Chief of the journal Clinical and Experimental Immunology, and Director of the King’s FOCIS Centre of Excellence.

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 Leonie Taams




Professor Kasia Hawrylowicz, Head of Peter Gorer Department of Immunobiology

Kasia Hawrylowicz is Professor of Immune Regulation in Allergic Diseases. Her research interests revolve around immune mechanisms that maintain human respiratory health, the mechanisms by which vitamin D contributes to this, and the therapeutic potential of vitamin D to improve control of severe chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

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Kasia Hawrylowicz 




Joan Xavier, School Manager

Joan leads the professional services team and operational support structure for delivering School strategic objectives.

Joan Xavier



Academic Leads