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08 June 2023

Decolonising Language Teaching: project latest

The latest news from the Decolonising Language Teaching project.


The Decolonising Language Teaching project aims to engage staff and students in active research, training and reflective practice that deconstructs the content and pedagogy of teaching languages and culture.

The project is supported by the King's Race Equity & Inclusive Education Fund, which provides funding for initiatives addressing racial inequalities and embedding inclusive education across King’s. 

Since October 2022, the project team have embarked on intensive programme of outreach and scholarship with the goal of engaging as many people in the higher education community as possible with their work.

Activities include curriculum analysis exploring how decolonisation of curricula happens in practice, reading groups and presentations at King's and sector-wide conferences, such as the Association of University Language Communities (AULC) annual conference.

Some of the outputs, such as reflective reports, being co-produced with students.

The project will run until July 2023 and you can find out more on the project webpage.

In this story

Tanya Linaker

Team Leader for Slavic and Middle Eastern Languages

Jane Jones

Senior Lecturer in Education

Christina Richardson

Senior Lecturer in Language Education

Jonas Langner

Team Leader for Germanic Languages and Modern Greek

Magali  Allary

Team Leader for Romance Languages and Linguistics

Gennadii Miroshnikov

Senior Learning Designer