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11 July 2024

Meet the Spinouts on King's Spinout Accelerator

10 spinouts derived from King’s research community will explore the commercial potential of their research on the King’s Spinout Accelerator.

King's Spinout Accelerator cohort standing on steps

Over the next 12 months, the spinouts will access a range of support including masterclasses, skill development sessions, coaching from Experts-in-Residence, a peer-to-peer network and King’s Investor Network.

The King’s Spinout Accelerator is part of Innovation@King’s, a new function that draws together expertise from Translational Research Support, IP & Licensing and Industry Partnerships teams, to facilitate the creation of knowledge exchange, ventures and intellectual property.

Innovation@King’s aims to equip King’s staff with the skills and expertise necessary to bring their research to market, accelerating innovations to create more societal impact. The Accelerator will be delivered by King’s Entrepreneurship Institute.

King’s has a long history of successful technology transfer and commercialisation of research discoveries. Earlier this year, the university announced changes to King’s IP Code of Practice, increasing founder equity to 80% and King’s College London being an active shareholder. The revised founder-led approach emphasises King’s role in fostering a positive environment for innovation. This is part of King’s ongoing commitment to accelerate this activity in the future, by simplifying the founder journey and supporting academics across disciplines.

Translating research discoveries into societal benefits is central to King’s innovation strategy. Our innovation accelerators play a pivotal role in ensuring this transition is both effective and efficient. I extend my congratulations to the 10 spinout founders and wish them the very best of luck.

Professor Bashir M.Al-Hashimi, Vice President (Research & Innovation)

The cohort consists of 10 spinouts from the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. All are focused on solving real-world problems across health, mental healthcare and technology. 


A-ProX is developing and applying plug-in platform technologies, comparable to Lego Game pieces, to create a range of innovative therapeutics. This solution addresses the global challenge presented by viral pandemics and the current high carbon dioxide emission produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Academic lead: Dr Kourosh Ebrahimi, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine



A genomic drug for the treatment of acute and chronic nerve injury. Currently there are no available drugs that can overcome the failure of the adult central nervous system or to mitigate the associated medical conditions.

Academic lead: Professor Jonathan Corcoran, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience


Enamel+ ceramics

A groundbreaking dental material that closely mimics the properties of human natural enamel. This solution addresses the global challenge of enamel erosion, which currently affects 37% of the global population.

Academic lead: Dr Sherif Elsharkawy, Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences



A patient-empowering online tool to capture self-reported outcomes and multiple self-taken images over time, to better enable self-diagnosis, monitoring and management of skin diseases; and reduce the long-term health burden.

Academic leads: Dr Satveer Mahil and Professor Catherine Smith, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine


Nuclide Therapeutics

Using precision radionuclide therapies to identify and treat cancers that are resistant to current therapies, eliminating therapy-resistant cancers that currently lack effective treatment options.

Academic lead: Dr Muhammet Tanc, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine



A platform to navigate the path to AI-assisted healthcare within the NHS, to significantly accelerate the UK’s vision to deliver the right treatment, at the right time, for all patients, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Academic leads: Professor Anita Grigoriadis and Dr Gregory Verghese, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine



Empowering women and couples to make healthy choices, leading to optimised pregnancy preparation, successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

Academic leads: Dr Sara White and Dr Angela Flynn, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine



Revolutionising drug delivery through the development of a novel nanocage platform, with chemically controlled assembly and disassembly. Targeted drug delivery is one of the biggest challenges in modern medicine, this technology aims to increase the efficacy of existing drugs and reduce their side effects.

Academic lead: Dr Julien Bergeron, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine



A cutting-edge digital platform designed to optimise mental health care delivery through streamlined patient-provider interactions and enhanced clinic efficiency. The solution improves appointment scheduling, pre-appointment assessments, virtual consultations and treatment planning.

Academic lead: Yujie Fu, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine


Tanglehold Gripper

A new gripping technology that picks and handles highly deformable, hard-to-model objects and materials, such as wires, cotton threads, hair, fresh herbs, noodles and netting. This invention presents a solution to meet the unmet need of handling complex, tangle-prone materials by hand.

Academic lead: Dr Matthew Howard, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences


If you are an investor, with an active interest in early-stage spinouts, please contact our Investor Relations Manager, Dr Yotam Levy, or sign-up to our monthly investor newsletter.

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Bashir M. Al-Hashimi

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Kourosh  Ebrahimi

Lecturer in Immunology and Drug Discovery

Jonathan Corcoran

Professor of Neuroscience

Sherif  Elsharkawy

Academic Clinical Lecturer in Prosthodontics

Satveer Mahil

Consultant Dermatologist, Reader

Catherine  Smith

Professor of Dermatology & Therapeutics

Muhammet Tanc

Research Fellow

Sara White

Clinical Senior Lecturer

Julien Bergeron

Senior Lecturer