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Anita Grigoriadis is a Reader in the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences at King’s, the School Lead (International) and Training Lead for the CRUK KHP Centre, and holds a guest lecturership at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Anita started her scientific career at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), University of Vienna (Austria), pursuing a joint PhD between the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR), London, and Faculty of Natural Sciences, Salzburg (Austria). Her postdoctoral training on breast cancer genomics started at the LICR, and continued with Professor Alan Ashworth at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Centre (London), before joining Professor Andrew Tutt at the Breast Cancer NOW Unit at KCL. Since 2013 Anita leads the KCL Cancer Bioinformatics group, which implements analytical approaches to exploit large complex data sets derived from clinically annotated samples and model systems. Her work focuses on the identification of molecular patterns pathognomonic for DNA damage repair defects, plus their immune microenvironment correlates, mainly in triple negative breast cancers, but also pan-cancer. In parallel, Anita leads the newly formed initiative of “CAncer microBiome ImmuNology DAtascience” (CABINDA) at KCL, which investigates histomorphological features reflective of local and systemic immune responses, a patient’s resident microbial communities and how the sum of these individual components influence treatment response and disease progression.