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Dr Christel Koop is Senior Lecturer in Political Economy. Her research focuses on regulation and other areas of economic policy-making, both at the national and EU-level. She is particularly interested in the independence, accountability and legitimacy of technocratic decision-making.

Christel holds a BA and MPhil degree in political science from Leiden University, in the Netherlands, and obtained her PhD degree in political and social sciences from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Before joining the department, she was Fellow in Public Policy and Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is also co-organiser of the inter-university London Public Policy Seminars.

Click here to see her Google Scholar page and here for her personal webpage.

Christel holds a Leverhulme Research Fellowship in 2020-2021.


  • The Politics of Policy-Making (UG, year 3)
  • The Politics of Private and Hybrid Governance (UG, year 3)
  • The Politics of Regulation (PG)

PhD Supervision

Current PhD researchers

  • Asli Unan – 'The political economy of reform reversals' (second supervisor)
  • Michele Scotto Di Vettimo – 'Assessing policy responsiveness in the EU: Under what conditions does public opinion influence policy?' (first supervisor)

Recently completed PhD projects

  • Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte (now University of Southampton) – “Politics constrained: The political consequences of the financial crisis and EU economic intervention in Western Europe” (first supervisor)
  • José Bolaños (now London School of Economics and Political Science) – "Competitiveness in mixed governance frameworks: On the success of private certification schemes" (first supervisor)
  • Philip Kessler (now European Commission) – "Reinventing the economic constitution: How and why competition authorities in Western Europe have turned to cooperative enforcement styles" (first supervisor) 
  • Philipp Broniecki – (now University of Essex) "Informal bargaining in bicameral systems: Explaining delegation by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament" (external supervisor)
  • Slobodan Tomic (now University of York) - "Explaining enforcement patterns of anti-corruption agencies: Comparative analysis of five Serbian, Croatian, and Macedonian anti-corruption agencies" (external supervisor)

Recent peer-reviewed publications

  • Edoardo Bressanelli, Christel Koop and Christine Reh (2020). EU Actors under pressure: Politicisation and depoliticisation as strategic responses. Journal of European Public Policy 27 (3): 329-341. (click here for a blog post on the special issue and here for the King's news story)
  • Christine Reh, Edoardo Bressanelli and Christel Koop (2020). Responsive withdrawal? The politics of EU agenda-setting. Journal of European Public Policy 27 (3): 419-438.
  • Maja Kluger Dionigi and Christel Koop (2019). Losing out on substance but winning procedurally? The European Parliament and accountability in crisis legislation. West European Politics 42 (4): 776–802. (click here for blog post on this article)
  • Christel Koop and Christine Reh (2019). Europe’s bank and Europe’s citizens: Accountability, transparency – legitimacy? Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 26 (1): 63–80.
  • Christel Koop, Christine Reh and Edoardo Bressanelli (2018). When politics prevails: Parties, elections and loyalty in the European Parliament. European Journal of Political Research 57 (3): 563–586.
  • Christel Koop and Chris Hanretty (2018). Political independence, accountability, and the quality of regulatory decision-making. Comparative Political Studies 51 (1): 38–75.
  • Christel Koop and Martin Lodge (2017). What is regulation? An interdisciplinary concept analysis. Regulation & Governance 11 (1): 95–108.