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IFS Deaton Review of Inequalities

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Perceptions of the extent and causes of inequalities are vitally important to the functioning of societies, economies and politics. If the public thinks that inequalities are large – and, crucially, that they are unfair – this can undermine faith in political and economic systems as a whole.

The Policy Institute therefore looked at Britons' views on these issues for the Institute for Fiscal Studies' review of inequalities, led by Nobel Laureate Professor Angus Deaton. Read our chapter for the review above.


Read the report

Our analysis for the IFS Deaton Review found that the British population is divided into three groups on questions of inequality: the Structuralists, the Individualists and those "in the middle".

Each group has very different attitudes to inequality, stemming from their divergent views on issues relating to success, hard work and meritocracy. Find out more about the groups' characteristics in this report.