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What Works and cohort studies

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This paper was commissioned by the Centre for Homelessness Impact as part of a programme of work to investigate ways to understand how What Works Centres can collaborate better; how they can make better use of existing data, and how new methods can be applied to social problems. 

We spoke to nine What Works centres about how they work with cohort studies. Across the conversations, three primary key topics were addressed: 

  1. How What Works centres currently use cohort studies and where they didn’t why this was the case. 
  2. What What Works centres would hope to gain from greater collaboration with the cohort studies. 
  3. How a collaboration would need to work if it were to be useful and the challenges thereof.  

These areas all provided insight into how What Works centres use, or could use, cohort studies as well as some of the key considerations and barriers and any attempt to introduce greater collaboration should understand if such attempts are to be successful.