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PhD Students


Meet some of our PhD Students

Gabriela's research focuses on electoral behaviour, political parties and electoral systems. She aims to compare strategic voting and others voters and parties´ behavior particularly in less advanced democracies and more unstable party systems. In her research she works with quantitative and experimental methods.

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My research deals with the institutional constraints of the idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which entails giving all citizens a modest but unconditional income stream. The debate around UBI has heated up in recent years, both inside and outside the academia. My thesis throws fuel on the fire by exploring the practical and theoretical questions around the desirability and practicability of UBI from the methodological perspective of evolutionary economics and complexity economics. The fertile soil of DPE is perfectly prepared for such interdisciplinary engagement.

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In my dissertation project I study how Russian peasants dealt with the institutional constraints of the communal property regime on arable land imposed by the Tsarist government after the emancipation reform of 1861. It is a privilege to study here and be surrounded by so many great scholars from different fields. I am going to make the most out of the opportunities provided by DPE and I am looking forward to the next few years here.

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Justus is focussed on the question of how different institutional arrangements help citizens to adapt to environmental challenges. He lays special emphasis on the role of bottom-up institutions in civil society and how they might help to overcome ecological collective action problems.

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PhD Research

PhD Research

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