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London Vascular Biology Forum committee members

  • Dr Graeme Birdsey logo

    Dr Graeme Birdsey

    Dr Graeme Birdsey is a Lecturer at Imperial College London. His research interests focus on the epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of angiogenesis.

  • Dr Sarah J. Chapple logo

    Dr Sarah J. Chapple

    Dr Chapple is a Lecturer in Physiology at King’s College London, a member since 2007 and currently LVBF Hon. Treasurer. Her research focuses on Nrf2-regulated…

  • Dr Dianne Cooper logo

    Dr Dianne Cooper

    Dr Dianne Cooper is a Lecturer in Biochemical Pharmacology at Queen Mary London and her research interests focus on understanding the function of galectins, a…

  • Dr Matthew Gage logo

    Dr Matthew Gage

    Dr Matt Gage is a Lecturer and Group Leader at the Royal Veterinary College, whose research focuses on how insulin affects cardiovascular disease and…

  • Dr Regis Joulia logo

    Dr Regis Joulia

    Dr. Régis Joulia is a BHF CRE Research Fellow at Imperial College. His research focuses on vascular functions during lung inflammation.

  • Professor Giovanni E Mann logo

    Professor Giovanni E Mann

    Professor Giovanni Mann has been a LVBF member since 2002, and his research focuses on Nrf2-regulated redox signalling in endothelial and smooth muscle cells in…

  • Dr Amie Moyes logo

    Dr Amie Moyes

    Dr Amie Moyes works in the William Harvey Heart Centre at Queen Mary University London and has been a member of the LVBF committee since 2015.

  • Dr Manasi Nandi logo

    Dr Manasi Nandi

    Dr Manasi Nandi is a Senior Lecturer in Integrative Pharmacology at King’s College London, a LVBF member since 2005 and her research employs mathematical…

  • Dr Caroline Pellet-Many logo

    Dr Caroline Pellet-Many

    Dr Caroline Pellet-Many is a Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences in the Royal Veterinary College with a particular research interest in smooth muscle cell biology.

  • Dr Ines Pineda Torra logo

    Dr Ines Pineda Torra

    Dr Ines Pineda Torra is Associate Professor in the Centre for Clinical Pharmacology, University College London and her research focuses on nuclear receptor…

  • Dr Daniela Pirri logo

    Dr Daniela Pirri

    Dr Daniela Pirri obtained her PhD in Cardiovascular Science from the University of Sheffield and now a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Imperial College,…

  • Professor Christiana Ruhrberg logo

    Professor Christiana Ruhrberg

    Professor Christiana Ruhrberg's research interests include cardiovascular development, neurovascular interactions and in vivo models of neovascular eye…


ECR members

  • Dr Raphael Castellan logo

    Dr Raphael Castellan

    Dr Raphael Castellan obtained his PhD in Cardiovascular Science from the University of Edinburgh in 2017 and is now a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the UCL…

  • Dr Gabriela D'Amico logo

    Dr Gabriela D'Amico

    Dr Gabriela D'Amico is a Research Fellow at UCL interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating blood vessel growth in the brain and retina.

  • Dr Keith Farrell-Dillon logo

    Dr Keith Farrell-Dillon

    Dr Keith Farrell-Dillon obtained his PhD in Vascular Biology & Inflammation in the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences at King’s and his research…

  • Dr Suchita Nankarni logo

    Dr Suchita Nankarni

    Dr Suchita Nadkarni completed her BSc in Biomedical Sciences at King’s in 2004, then went on to do her PhD at UCL and her research focuses on T cells and…





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Previous speakers

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