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Economics at King's

Working Papers


  1. Heath Benefits of Reducing Air Traffic Noise: Evidence from Changes in Flight Patterns
    Silvia Beghelli, Augustin de Coulon, Mary O'Mahony


  1. Ontology and the History of Economic Thought: the Case of Anti-Reductionism in the Work of Friedrich Hayek
    P.A. Lewis
    28 August 2017
  2. The productivity puzzle: inequality, competition and 'team spirit' 
    Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Abhiji Ramalingam, Brock V. Stoddard
    10 July 2017 
  3. The Effect of Foreign Investors on Local Housing Markets: Evidence from the UK
    Filipa Sá
    30 June 2017
  4. Bias in regressions with censoring on both sides: an application to the relationship between fathers' and children's education 
    Martin Weale
    11 June 2017
  5. Austrian Economics and the Bloomington School: An Introduction and Overview
    P. Aligica, P. Lewis and V. Storr
    June 2017

  6. Waking up the Golden Dawn: Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Increase Support for Extreme-right Parties?
    Elias Dinas, Konstantinos Matakos, Dimitrios Xefteris, Dominik Hangartner
    15 May 2017

  7. Macroeconomic Determinants of International Migration to the UK
    Guiseppe Forte and Jonathan Portes
    12 May 2017
  8. Electoral Competition and Corruption: Theory and Evidence from India
    Farzana Afridi, Amrita Dhillon, Eilon Solan
    21 March 2017
  9. Class vs Identity: The Effect of Candidates' Race on the Inequality-Redistribution Nexus
    Konstantinos Matakos, Dimitris Xefteris
    10 March 2017
  10. Electoral Accountability and the Natural Resource Curse: Theory and Evidence from India
    Amrita Dhillon, Pramila Krishnan, Manasa Patnam, Carlo Perroni
    30 January 2017


  1. How to Create Skills for an Emerging Industry: the Case of Technician Skills and Training in Cell Therapy
    Paul Lewis
    December 2016 
  2. Technicians, Roles, Skills and Training in Industrial Biotechnology: An Analysis
    Paul Lewis

  3. Sovereign Debt: Election Concerns and the Democratic Disadvantage
    Amrita Dhillon, Andrew Pickering, Tomas Sjostrom
    October 2016
  4. Purposeful behaviour, Expectations, and the Mirage of Social Justice: The Influence of Cybernetics on the Thought of F. A. Hayek
    Paul Lewis
    3 June 2016
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