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The sum of achievement

King’s Maths School is a place where mathematics is brought to life for young people.

Already the school is one of the highest-achieving in the UK. Students take A-levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics at the end of their second year, and an AS-level in either Computer Science or Economics at the end of the first year. The school’s first cohort of students completed their A-levels in 2016, with all gaining an A* or A in A-level Mathematics, while 95 percent of grades in all subjects were A*, A or B.

In summer 2017, the second cohort graduated and attained exceptional results, with 58 percent of all entries A* grades, 88 percent being graded at A* or A, and 99 percent graded at A*, A or B.

Dan Abramson, Head Teacher at the School said: ‘I’m so proud of our students. These young people are not just bright – they have secured immensely impressive achievements through their passion and dedication, as well as through the inspiring way they collaborate and support each other. They will go onto wonderful things, and I’m honoured to have been able to work with them these last two years.

At King’s we aim to inspire current and future generations through education to be the problem solvers and change-makers the world needs.– Dan Abramson, Head Teacher, King’s Maths School

Mr Abramson is justifiably proud of the school’s achievements. ‘We have the best science A-level results of any school in the country. On top of that, our students are achieving, on average, over a grade higher in each subject than those with similar GCSE results in other schools. I think that maths schools are something really special that could make a significant difference nationally, and hope to see more schools like ours opening over the next few years.’

King’s is one of just two universities in the UK to have set up specialist sixth form maths colleges. In doing so, we hope to increase the number of well-trained mathematicians going on to study and work in highly mathematical disciplines. The school’s selection process seeks out those students with an aptitude for mathematics who would not otherwise have access to excellent mathematics teaching at this stage of their education.

King’s has reason to celebrate the school’s early success: 94% of the school’s first leavers are going on to study a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subject at university, with over half studying maths and others taking computer science, physics, engineering and economics.

Our commitment to the school goes to the heart of our ambition to be London’s leading civic university and to put our expertise and energy to work in the capital.

King’s academics helped to plan the school’s curriculum so that students are well prepared for university. Our PhD students mentor first-year pupils to help develop their problem-solving skills, and as of this year our academics will set research projects for King’s Maths School students and support them to complete these. The school makes use of King’s teaching facilities, libraries and fitness centre, and King’s staff are involved in some of the school’s many clubs and societies.

At King’s we aim to inspire current and future generations through education to be the problem solvers and changemakers the world needs. Through King’s Maths School we are taking bold and exciting steps towards achieving that aim.

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