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Troels Henningsen, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Strategy, Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen, Denmark, MA War in the Modern World

Troels Henningsen"Studying the MA War in the Modern World, opened several intellectual and professional doors for me. The broad, historical approach to the study of war gave me new knowledge and analytical tools for understanding today’s conflicts.

In our discussions we engaged deeply with the work of the greatest theorists of war. My mind was opened to the enduring, as well as the changing, aspects of armed conflicts. 

I developed my ability to argue and conduct strategic analysis working with other motivated students across the globe."

Sabina Ciofu, Advisor in the European Parliament, Belgium, MA War in the Modern World 

Sabina Ciofu

"It was a very high-quality academic experience that allowed the flexibility necessary for my hectic job in European Union Brussels politics.

The teaching and guidance throughout my two and a half year degree was amazing.

The exposure to such a pleasant, flexible and diverse academic environment hasmotivated me to carry on with a PhD that will build on my MA dissertation topic."


May Wong, MA in International Relations

MayWong"Challenging, inspiring and enlightening. These are but some of the words that would describe my experience at King’s College London.

As a mature international student from Singapore, who took a sabbatical from work to pursue my Master’s, the education I received at King’s was certainly well worth it. 

The encouragement by professors to think out of the box and to challenge the existing academic ideas help provoke the intellectual stimulation necessary. The opportunities for interaction with classmates from all over the world also provided a holistic educational experience, while the modules offered, in various subjects, present an opportunity for a well-rounded understanding in the related field of study."


Kristiane Roe Hammer, president of ANSA, Association of Norwegian Students Abroad, MA in Non-Proliferation & International Security

roehammer'For studying war studies generally and non-proliferation specifically there really is nowhere better, and King's enjoy a reputation equalled by no other.

Our two main professors in addition to having an excellent reputation in the field also were very hands on, approachable and friendly. Both always encouraged and helped us to find internships during the year.

I interned with VERTIC - an NGO that verifies the compliance with international treaties while at King's. It was a wonderful opportunity to work in the field while still a student and acquire great insight and experience.'